Celtic’s Supporter Liaison Office Faces Bizarre Allegation From Sevco’s Bitter, Online Trolls.

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When Celtic’s SLO published a letter, on Twitter, from a Bayern fan who had thoroughly enjoyed the Parkhead atmosphere on Tuesday, he must have expected that it would get some retweets from our fans and some attention on the blogs.

What he couldn’t have expected was the spinning of a brand new Sevco conspiracy theory; that he had written the thing to himself.

Within an hour of it going up, he’d had loads of responses alleging exactly that, and the forums had taken up the idea.

John Paul Taylor must have seen everything in that job by now, but this surely takes the cake. The number of their supporters who’ve flooded his twitter feed with this crazy, and bizarre, allegation must have surprised him profoundly.

He at least has been able to joke about, and published the email as it was sent, holding these idiots up to their deserved ridicule.

But the point remains; these Peepul are both thick and completely deluded.

They believe our club has to invent feel-good about itself … as someone who was in Munich, believe me we don’t.

Read the number of top players who’ve come out in the aftermath of the game and said it was as good an atmosphere as they’ve ever been in.

Read the tweets from Bayern asking if they can borrow the fans.

Read the German newspaper which was fulsome in its praise.

You have to wonder at the mentality of a support like that, where the worst thing they can say about us is that we’re inventing , which of course we’re not. But imagine we were. Surely that would be far better than indulging in their own kind of thinking; the act of actually inventing enemies and grand conspiracies.

Because whilst we aren’t making this stuff up, the idea that the whole of Scottish football conspired against and that this extended to HMRC, the banks, the governments, UEFA and FIFA … well that is a work of fiction no publisher would ever take on because it’s just too far fetched.

And yet many of them do believe it.

When hate is your default position it must be difficult to watch other people being showered in good wishes … difficult and a little disconcerting.

JPT has laughed about this; you kind of have to.

When you are dealing with these kind of Peepul and this kind of stupidity that’s the only option you have.

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