Date: 10th November 2017 at 7:03pm
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Only a moron would have said the above about the two operations which have played out of Ibrox these past ten years. Only rags here in Scotland would have printed such obvious tripe and thought that it would fly. Alex Rae said the words. Our newspapers and their dwindling band of readers are the only people on the planet who might conceivably have believed them.

At the core of this nonsense is one word; “dignity.” And if you’re already reaching for the sick bucket well, yes, that makes two of us. The Daily Record piece on this garbage – written by Euan McLean – opens with this line;

“Dignity. It’s a word that used to be considered as integral a part of the language at Rangers as ‘winning’ and ‘trophies’.”

Is he kidding or what? An integral part of the language? Dignity?

Where is the dignity in scamming, and cheating, and robbing the tax payer? Where is the dignity in sectarian songs and singing “no-one likes us we don’t care” and then spending eternity bubbling about how the world hates you? Where is the dignity in insane press releases, and maniacal fan groups banging on about conspiracies? If this is dignified behaviour we’re through the looking glass.

That club could not spell the word dignity.

I am sick of tired of them using this kind of stuff to make out they are something special, that they can lord it over the rest of us. They can’t. They don’t have the right.

Rae’s story is about how Alex McLeish told him that “We win and lose with dignity. This is Glasgow Rangers.”

And when did he deliver this pearl of wisdom? On the day they beat us 2-0 at Ibrox and our manager had to walk Neil Lennon to the Celtic fans after he’d suffered a 90 barrage of the most sickening sectarian abuse you can imagine.

Rae goes on later to trot out all the disreputable nonsense about draws not being good enough at Ibrox; where’s the dignity in such atrocious arrogance?

You know what? I like Dave King’s version better than the one Alex Rae promotes; King’s version is honest. It is vicious, it scrapes the barrel, it thrives on hate. It is unrepentant about being a bottom feeder. Rae’s version is contemptible, as is the idea he promotes.