It’s Statement O’Clock At Motherwell Now; Are These People Off Their Nuts, Or What?

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What’s the matter with some of the people running clubs in Scotland?

Has Celtic’s success absolutely gone to their heads or what?

Now Motherwell are releasing official club statements because Celtic got some decisions and Scott Brown has suggested that Celtic players were struck with coins?

And what’s in the statement, except their own allegations, not so subtle, spluttered into public, wholly unprofessional and ludicrous to boot?

Where are the pictures of these wrecked toilets the statement references?

Where are the broken seats?

Where’s the evidence that our fans did any such thing?

I’ve sat in the stand at Fir Park, and there are broken seats everywhere in it; I swear that some clubs wait for the visit of our supporters just so they can bill us for what other people have done or their own negligent maintenance allows.

I trust if their fans break seats this weekend the club will welcome a public statement and demand for payment in line with this, right?

Yeah, I rather thought not.

That apart, what is the need for such a hysterical reaction?

Scott Brown has raised a valid issue here and it was clear he wasn’t just pointing a finger at one club.

Motherwell’s reaction is astonishing because it personalises this and turns it into an issue between the clubs themselves, almost as if their anger over two decisions have wiped out rational thought.

Honestly, this whingeing is tiresome.

The decisions were both right on the money; Motherwell know this, and they didn’t even appeal the first of them because they know it. Decisions will go in their favour this season too; I trust they will have the utmost sympathy for whomever those decisions happen against, but you know, I very much doubt it.

This is pathetic. I said in my article just the other day that the people inside their club moaning about the cup decision in such a public fashion as if the whole game pivoted on it are the club; it seems the club would welcome embarrassment.

They just assured it.

A dreadfully statement, that reduces them to Sevco’s shrieking level.

Why are so many of our clubs run by such pygmys?


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