Keep On Dreaming Hacks. Watching Celtic Win Things Will Never Become Boring.

Image for Keep On Dreaming Hacks. Watching Celtic Win Things Will Never Become Boring.

It’s a question I get asked a lot, by non-Celtic supporters. It’s a question the media is increasingly asking. Will there come a time when this, when our dominance will become so great that we’ll simply switch off from it, that it will become boring.

Speaking for myself and, I would expect, most Celtic fans, the short answer is no. Would I enjoy a challenge? We all would. But it has to be clean. It has to be built on sustainable foundations and it has to run us close … but not close enough.

Success is what we, as supporter’s, want. The unbeaten run has given us such pride and the invincible campaign was so celebrated because fans want their team to win. The idea that winning becomes boring, that you ever tire of seeing glorious football, that you would ever get bored by goals from your own team … what’s the point then?

Nobody ever went to a cup final sick of seeing their team taking home the trophy. Nobody ever started a season hoping that it would end however many in a row; football fans are the most brutal of all sports fans. It’s as Orwell says, our ideal picture of the future is a boot stamping on a rival’s crest, over and over again … into infinity.

The same hunger to win permeates the first team squad. Those guys will be hurting the first time they lose a domestic game. They will feel it. They are used to winning, it’s become a habit, and losing will feel like a gut punch.

There are a lot of people I know who are worried that all this winning will lead to complacency and that will lead to something bad, something happening which knocks us off course. I hear constant talk from Sevconia about football being cyclical … what nonsense.

Football follows the law of the jungle; the strongest survive. The weak are dominated by the strong. If Sevco think wishing on a star or something will save them they are dead wrong; there’s no reason why Celtic can’t maintain its stranglehold on Scottish football way into the future. There’s no reason that the next generation won’t see a dominant Celtic bestriding the landscape.

That generation might find it a little boring. But I’m willing to bet that we can keep it interesting for them. For my generation, no motivation is necessary. We remember the 90’s. We remember being lorded over by Murray and the fans of that now defunct team. We see how they have ported over their smug fake supremacy to Sevco.

Beating them and seeing them beat will never get old. It will never become boring. Winning and rubbing their faces in it … that’s going to be entertaining us and amusing us as long as we’re alive. We earned it. That’s why it tastes so bloody good.

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