King’s Online Interview Promising Moonbeams Places Sevco In Grave Existential Peril.

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Dave King is at it again, tonight, going on the SevcoTV to make grandiose promises that he is not even remotely in a position to keep.

Earlier on today he told the that non-fan investors wanted a return on their input, and that would need to be kept under control, but just a few hours later told their online fans something entirely different.

Let me say right now that King hasn’t lied here.

That would be too great a statement. What he’s actually done is misled, spectacularly. He’s made promises but he’s kept them vague, vague enough that he’s fully aware fans will hear what they want to hear and draw their own conclusions, but the has been steered to that interpretation as well.

They are, of course, writing this full on nonsense without a single critical word.

Talking about the new manager, who they’ve yet to appoint of course, he said “He’ll have to decide himself whether he wants to work with what he’s got for a while then go big in summer, or whether he’d like to accelerate that and go big in January.”

The words “go big” can only be interpreted one way by gullible fans and slobbering hacks and it’s no surprise that they’ve been viewed exactly as King intended them, as some kind of promise that the guy, whoever he is, would get serious money.

King’s interview contains a number of other epic delusions, first that the club should probably not seek to make a profit. What planet is he living on? You couldn’t get a clearer example of a guy who is completely unsuitable as a businessman than that. Profits allow you to invest in things other than the playing squad; he is promising that the area around Ibrox will be redeveloped and other such nonsense, but all of that depends on money in the bank.

Where’s the money coming from otherwise?

Dave King has a of false promises, and surely, you think, the Sevco fans can’t be enough to take this particular litany of them at face value? Then you remember that the Peepul gave him an easy ride today when he was right in front of them, and preferred to ask questions about utter nonsense like cutting Celtic fans for their crumbling stadium – another area he claims to be spending millions they haven’t got.

And it becomes all too apparent that if there’s a share issue at all that some of the money is intended for the manager; forget infrastructure, forget stability, Operation Catch Celtic is all that matters to that club and the people who run it and the idea of consolidating and trying to run the business on a sustainable basis doesn’t even dawn on them.

Sevco fans, Dave King’s very existence at the apex of your club places it in existential peril. I can’t put it more bluntly. If he remains, if the club follows these policies, you are not going to have a club to watch. It’s that simple. I’ve said before there are two possible outcomes for your club and in one of them you accept, for a while, perhaps a long while, that being in our shadow is just the way it’s going to be. The other outcome ends in a funeral.

And that’s the one your chairman embraced today.

You should be petrified of where this guy is leading you.


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