On A Night Of High Drama And Low Farce, BBC Scotland Has Surely Earned A Ban From Celtic Park.

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How disappointed BBC Scotland almost were with themselves tonight; imagine not having live commentary from the Celtic game, in a moment every one of their listeners has been dying for, the moment the unbeaten run came to an end.

Scott Sinclair’s penalty came shortly after they’d decided we were the more interesting game after all; probably around the point we went a goal down.

As an organisation, BBC Scotland is a disgrace.

For most of the night they said they’d “split” their commentary between a game that was live on Sky and one that not a single viewer in Scotland was able to see. When they say “split” they meant going over to Fir Park occasionally whilst they gave their Sevco listeners not at the game the full bhuna.

Because of their ban from Ibrox they actually commentated on that game based on the TV pictures; this is the definition of farce.

It is the definition of an anti-Celtic snub.

Banning them from Ibrox has clearly had no impact on either the club or the broadcaster.

It is time to ban them from our ground, until they show our club and its fans, taxpayers all – unlike some people I could name, many of whom work in its sports department – the respect that entitles us to.

They would have sat out the whole of the Celtic game tonight if they’d thought they could get away with it, but Motherwell’s goal was clearly a galvanising moment. After that there was no doubt about which game they were going to stick with.

How nice that they didn’t get the result they were after; the funereal studio discussion after the game, where they slated us again for a dodgy decision – I hope this one was, I hope it was the worst penalty ever awarded; their bile was sweet wine tonight – and pondered whether other clubs were finally getting close to us, was the definition of listening to pain.

Yes, 11 European ties on top of a busy domestic schedule, but still four points clear with a game in hand and the first domestic cup already won. Really close. I hope they keep this kind of form up for the rest of the campaign; we’ll win the title by March.

With Sevco winning at Ibrox – easily, Derek McInnes take a bow; there’s a whole article with your name on it tomorrow – we’ve actually moved a point further ahead of our nearest “challenger” if that’s a word you can use when their manager is a complete bottle merchant.

Here’s what I didn’t say about Aberdeen during Sevco’s pursuit of their boss – a pursuit which surely ended tonight after that farce; they would have suffered a set-back had he gone to Ibrox but ultimately would have been better off, because he’s a fraud.

I would have richly enjoyed seeing his approach to Celtic games at that club. His record against us being so stellar. His ability to win big games so clearly deficient.

Tonight we kept up our unbeaten run, much to the chagrin of a large part of the country, the part that is desperate for us to lose, as if a single defeat would collapse our club.

Motherwell, who the press is already saying deserved the win, had 5 shots to our 21. 1 was on target to our 7. Their goal was an OG. They had 4 off target and Celtic had 9. They had 4 corners to our 7. They committed 18 fouls to our 8. They had 4 yellow cards to our 1. We secured a 51-49 advantage in possession.

But they deserved their win.

Yes, indeed. What a joke.


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