Date: 9th November 2017 at 5:07pm
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Ibrox Noise is written by paranoid nutcases. I have made that argument over and over again, but I never make it as well as they make it themselves. Tonight, a case in point, an article that is so foaming at the mouth outrageous I barely know where to start.

Ostensibly, it’s about Kenny McLean’s comments at the press conference for this utterly meaningless and ridiculous international weekend, which frankly holds zero interest for me at all. Nothing is at stake, the national team is run by a guy I wouldn’t have within 100 miles of Hampden and the biggest talking point thus far is about a player who doesn’t deserve the cap he’s about to win; of course, that was one of two subject’s the media wanted to talk to McLean about; would Scotland fans boo Ryan Jack and would Derek McInnes go to Ibrox?

See what they have in common?

You couldn’t invent our media. They are utter charlatans.

But you couldn’t make up these Sevco loon-balls either, and this article takes the cake. It highlights how McLean has asked Scotland fans not to boo Ryan Jack during the game. It’s a fair comment. Jack shouldn’t be booed. He should never have been selected in the first place, but he should not be booed.

Ibrox Noise has an issue with this request though.

They claim that because McLean even has to make it this is more proof of how Scotland hates them. Tiresome rubbish, as I’m sure you’ll agree; Scotland fans not wanting Ryan Jack in the national team has the sum total of nil to do with who he plays for. They famously booed Chris Martin during the campaign, only for him to score a match-winner.

Scotland fans don’t want sub-standard dreck in the team. They don’t want a player selected on the basis of anything but form, and Jack does not qualify on that basis.

As per usual, the Peepul have turned it into an issue about them.

This line, however, is what elevates the piece above the usual drivel on there. This is spectacular.

“That Celtic have completely taken over in Scotland and manifested an evident anti-Rangers campaign throughout the country while making sure Rangers’ financial benefits to the country remain intact is a situation we find disturbing and unnatural.”

Read that a couple of times. Try to take it in.

Now read the concluding lines;

“’No one likes us we don’t care’. It has always been the case, but it seems to have intensified in recent years to borderline parody levels. All for Celtic’s benefit.”

Celtic, it seems, are to blame for Scotland fans booing Ryan Jack now. This is quite some ridiculous connection to try and make. It kind of defies belief that anyone could hold such a warped view. It’s like they took reality and twisted it into the shape that suited their own paranoid delusion.

And this is a serious issue for them.

They really do live in a world where they see everything that’s gone wrong with them as someone else’s fault. We “took over in Scotland” and orchestrated their demise; they genuinely don’t get that their problems started in their own house.

What I find “disturbing and unnatural” is how many of them believe in this giant conspiracy at the centre of which is our club.

The depth of their obsession with unpicking the threads of this is truly breath-taking; if they expended a fraction of the time on getting into the dirty details of what’s happened at Ibrox and what is still happening there they’d be better off.

But they choose to focus on this, on a fantasy so intricate now that we have influenced fans of other clubs to boo their players when they play for their national team.

How do these Peepul sleep at night, with all this revolving in their heads?

They need serious help, they really do.