Sevco In Fresh Crisis As It’s Revealed That Alves Refused A Seat On The Sub’s Bench.

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Remember last week when Graeme Murty was the star of the show and he was painting a picture of life at Ibrox being great and them all being a big happy family? Turns out it was, as many of us suspected, a package of bollocks.

Reports have surfaced today – there were whispers, actually, over the weekend – that Bruno had told the manager in no uncertain terms that he wasn’t going to tolerate being overlooked any further. Reports suggest that he actually refused to be a substitute.

If it’s true – and the information I have is that it’s 100% fact – his Sevco career is over.

The only problem with that is that he’s too to jettison.

What is wrong with the man-management at Ibrox?

Murty is clearly no better at it than Caixinha. This idea of “taking one of the team” might work at Barcelona but not at the club currently siting at fourth in Scotland. The idea of a happy camp has been shattered in a single weekend.

On top of this, managerial are running the hills; this morning Van Bronckhorst has definitely ruled himself out, as if that was going to come as any surprise to a living soul. McLeish is also said to have ruled it out, and today an ex player, Kanchelskis, has described him as “two faced” in the media. The wider Sevco is no happier, it seems.

This is a club locked in a permanent cycle of crisis.

The serious dressing room didn’t just evaporate when Pedro left town; they remain behind, to fester, like open sores. Pena has been relegated to the outer darkness, has been dropped, Herrera is like a stranger … Murty preferred raw to the established players brought in by the Portuguese.

Even a manager of real statute would not sort this mess out.

They are in freefall.

The stuff that’s in the public domain is only the tip of the iceberg.

As I said yesterday, no-one is in charge over there.

If someone had real authority, you wouldn’t get stories like this.

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