The Daily Record’s “Ex-Celtic Starlet Shame” Story Is A Desperate Piece Of Bottom-Feeder Trolling.

Image for The Daily Record’s “Ex-Celtic Starlet Shame” Story Is A Desperate Piece Of Bottom-Feeder Trolling.

Today, an inspired piece of Daily Record journalism; a story about one of our ex youth players who allegedly cheated on his girlfriend. The piece also goes on to say he mocked autistic people, which he clearly didn’t, although it’s just as clear he’s a complete spanner.

The headline shrieks the name of our club; he’s an “Ex Celtic starlet” although I am willing to bet only a handful of our fans could even tell you who he is. I’m not even naming him. He plays for the magnificent football colossus at Brentford who gave him a and are now conducting an “internal investigation” into the matter.

When they signed him – through ex Celtic recruiter Robert Rowan, who’s now at the English club – Rowan said “It is always that the people we bring to the club have the right and personality and will fit well with the group. I like Theo as a young man and know he is the sort of person who fits our ethos.”

That worked out well, didn’t it?

Their internal investigation is a waste of time in point of fact; this amounts to nothing more than a self-important, arrogant little twat falling out with his girlfriend who was so humiliated by the experience that she decided the best thing to do was run to a newspaper with the story, so her private grief could be hawked around for the edification of a vampiric and the Sevco fan forums.

Class acts, the pair of them.

The paper, of course, leaped as soon as the connection to our club was established.

Because what does it matter if some 19 year old was sleeping about and got caught?

Who actually cares? Who gives a toss?

Nobody, it seems to me. But throw in the word Celtic and you can get a negative headline out of just about any old bin-raking trash.

This story is pure gutter trawling. And targeting our club. You’d think the press had enough to be getting on with today, what with sharing stories about how France’s premier sports newspaper low-rated all of our players.

Is the Record smarting because that’s their job?

Honestly, it’s not for nothing that we despise the press in our little corner of the world.

A complete non-story, blown into a headline about Celtic.


The Daily Record: Not Just Bog Standard, But Bog Roll Standard.

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