Date: 11th November 2017 at 7:24pm
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There are people who have spent all week, it seems to me, getting in a lather over Tony Cascarino.

I was a frustrated fan during the period – thankfully brief – when he was “scoring goals” for our club; there weren’t a lot of them. The word “waster” could have been coined with him in mind. As a result, I haven’t spent the week on him … I spent too many years trying to forget I’d ever seen him play.

I don’t want to regress now.

The guy is just a complete nobody as far as I’m concerned. He’s one of those guys who shamed the jersey to be frank, a total passenger who’s transfer did do one positive thing; when we got rid of him we brought Tom Boyd to Celtic, and he’s one of my heroes.

His opinions, loudly expressed this week to anyone who would listen – that’s the whole of the Scottish media press corps who lapped up his gushing nonsense like cats licking the cream off a bottle of piss – were the usual Anglo-centric nonsense we’ve come to expect from attention seeking trumpets down south; Celtic bashing, the talking down of Scottish football – where, don’t forget, some of these people, Barton and Cascarino included, flopped spectacularly – and in effect saying that our achievements don’t really matter.

After spending the week singing various songs in that tune, he’s finally come fully circle today by saying what’s been on his mind this whole time – his tiny, incomprehensibly small mind – that our achievements are devalued because “Rangers are so weak.”

First up, Rangers is dead, not weak. Sevco is weak. And Sevco is dying. But our achievements have the sum total of nil to do with that. On our run, our amazing unbeaten run, we played them seven times; twice in cup competition and five times in the league. Our run extends almost ten times that; we didn’t rack up those performances against just one team.

Only an idiot of the purest stripe would need that pointed out to him; the thing, if you were that stupid you couldn’t get through the day without professional assistance. He’s clearly not that stupid. What he is, to me, is a guy trying to get attention.

Well he’s had it. Congratulations to him. Now he can piss off back to anonymity, having cemented his position as a joke figure amongst our support. He always was, but that was just for his football. Now he’s a joke as a person, as a commentator.

Kris Boyd has been doing the same today, banging on his own drum, trying to stir controversy because he has nothing to fall back on once his football career has finished. He told The Scotsman tonight that he doesn’t care what people think of him; only someone who does care would run to media and wail like that. When Sevco fans sing “no-one likes them” you can tell they believe it. When they sing that they don’t care you can tell that they don’t.

These people are attention seekers; the press is full of them right now, and they all have one target; Celtic. We’re the biggest club out there and our records are piling up. These clowns know that the best way to get their names in the papers is to criticise that record. Don’t let it bother you. It’s a compliment, especially coming from Boyd and the Sevconuts.

Their own club is in the shitter, but they can cling onto our coat tails.

That’s as good as it gets for them.