The Sevco AGM Holds King To Account, But Only On Celtic Fans And Catholic Schooling.

Image for The Sevco AGM Holds King To Account, But Only On Celtic Fans And Catholic Schooling.

Sevco AGM passed off without today.

Why do some people seem so surprised? Of course it did.

So you expected fireworks, eah? You thought they might need those extra security staff on door, did you? What show have you been watching? Surely not the same one as the rest of us. That was never ever going to happen.

You’re dealing with people so gullible they have failed to notice that King’s hand is deeper in their pockets than ever before. You are dealing with folks who applauded Whyte and Green and their assorted minions in through the door and then blamed everyone else for what they got away with. You’re talking about people so dumb they thought the Glib and Shameless Liar was telling the truth when he said he’s spend his children’s inheritance.

King was allowed to make one of most profoundly dishonest statements in a public forum since Donald Trump last got up in front of a teleprompter, with barely a whisper or the sound of a fart.

He brass necked their failure to appoint a manager in six weeks by saying it can take three months for him to appoint an executive in South Africa.

He refused to accept that Pedro Caixinha’s appointment was wrong one.

He offered no detailed prospectus.

He offered which could be verified and checked.

It was as brazen as they come.

And nobody booed. And nobody jeered. And nobody asked kind of searching questions that would have made him squirm in his seat, even a little. Instead, you want to know what focussed the mind of one shareholder? This is an apparently engaged person, who actually spent money in the last IPO. He wanted to make sure King went to the right school when he was younger, that he chose the non-denominational one rather than the Catholic one.

I kid you not. Of all the questions to come up at an AGM, that has to be the most backward and ridiculous and utterly irrelevant. But it’s revealing nonetheless.

So too are the two questions about Celtic fans at Ibrox, as the quest to have our allocation for that ground cut and for to be moved to the corner to “stop us gloating” when we visit there gathers pace. That the club is willing to discuss this idiocy with their fans for that reason is also revealing; why didn’t someone say what surely should have been obvious to everyone in the room? “Once we beat them the gloating will stop.”

It’s because they no longer expect to beat us, although King’s statement was full of ridiculous assertions to the contrary. But they have no plan to do it. Instead the club and its fans simply want to lessen the sounds coming out of the Celtic Park party. I was just surprised there wasn’t a question about refereeing and the number of penalties we get. I guess those guys didn’t get picked, because they were undoubtedly in the room.

This is the feeble nature of their support, and the feeble minds amongst it. Their club is in dire straits, which one win over the tactical genius McInnes cannot hide. Murty is talking about the game as a “benchmark” as if he’s got a of the manager’s seat all over again. Directors shift uncomfortably in their seats as King commits the board to keep on meeting any shortfall, and in the meantime the whole club continues to rot.

Today King and his people got a free ride.

That sets the next using up perfectly.

Hell mend these Peepul.

They deserve everything they’re going to get.


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