Date: 10th November 2017 at 7:50pm
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Can you believe the miserable shower of desperate low-life we share a country with sometimes?

Honest to God.

Today Celtic has had to deny a mind-numbing rumour that they airbrushed a poppy out of a picture of Kieran Tierney last night.


Why did we bother?

Why respond to such utter twattery?

Why waste our time?

The idea is so patently absurd that only a moron, someone’s who’s IQ runs into the negative column, could possibly have believed it.

In Scotland hundreds, maybe thousands, did.

You want to know why we have Tory MP’s in Scotland again?

Look no further than these worthless, brainless cretins who hate so much they can’t see the world any other way.

Why on Earth were they scrutinising a picture used by Celtic anyway?

What exactly were they looking for?

This, exactly this, I think. They wanted to find something to bitch about.

Celtic does not wear the poppy on the club jersey.

The Peepul wail and moan about this, but in fact no club should be wearing it on the jersey.

It’s no longer a symbol of remembrance, it’s becoming a symbol of latent fascism and social conditioning; there it is, as bluntly as I can put it. This notion that we are somehow Lesser because we refuse to be browbeat … you can piss right off with that.

We’re taking no lessons from gutter rats who wallow in the muck 364 days of the year but have convinced themselves that the other one makes them special.

The poppy does not erase years of bigotry and fraud.

In fact, if you’re a regular reader you know that Sevco fans aren’t shy about shamelessly appropriating the military and its symbols for financial gain.

You’ll know that they’re equally comfortable robbing from other charities.

And yet someone from our club had to waste his or her coffee break this afternoon explaining to a bunch of cretinous goons that we didn’t do this?

That we aren’t absolute basket-cases motivated by prejudice?

Like that needed saying to normal people?

Some of them wanted the SFA to hammer us.

Hey, trailer-park rejects, if you can point out to me where in the rule book the wearing of poppies is covered, I’ll make a donation to Poppy Scotland right now and post the receipt online. If one of you crackpots can show me the specific clause in the SFA constitution that hands out punishment for altering a photograph I’ll shut this website down.

In case these illiterates and fantasists have missed it, their club has no manager since they sacked the Portuguese pretender three weeks ago.

Their club is haemorrhaging money that it doesn’t have.

Their chairman is awaiting a court verdict that ought to be causing them sleepless nights, especially since he’s the one who’s supposed to be keeping on the lights for the rest of the campaign.

They have an entire dressing room filled with overpaid dross.

There are bigger issues for these jokers than whether Celtic wears a poppy on its jersey or whether Kieran Tierney wore one on his arm.

That they are focussed on make-believe like this is music to the ears of those who have a hand in their pockets.

There is something seriously unarguably wrong with these people.

Something that goes beyond mere lack of intelligence or reason.

No wonder their club is stuck in this revolving door nightmare.

They are a big part of the reason why.

They are an embarrassment, but thankfully only to themselves.