Tonight’s Evening Times Headline Is Ridiculous. What The Hell Is This “Sevco Fixture Pile Up”?

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What is it with our media and writing nonsensical headlines and trying to make excuses for the Ibrox circus act?

The Evening Times tonight is headlined “How Celtic and Sevco’s festive fixture pile-up compares with the rest of the Scottish Premiership.”

Yep, I hear you folks. Believe me, I do.

“What Sevco fixture pile-up!!???”

A valid question. Because with seven games coming up in December they have the exact same number as every other club but two; Partick and ourselves. There is no fixture pile up to be had. They play seven games in December. Thistle play eight. We play nine.

What is this latest nonsense? Why is that the headline? The Evening Times is a Glasgow based paper, but why not focus on Thistle’s eight games in the month rather than Sevco’s seven. It’s a lot of games, but I repeat it is the same number as every club except for the two who will play more games than they will.

This is typical “cry me a river” nonsense from the press. Including the match against us, they will play four games in the fortnight from 16 – 30 December; in the same period we play five times. I’m already sick hearing this and it’s just started. The groundwork is being prepared for giving the new Sevco boss – providing they hire one in time – a ready made excuse for why his team comes to Parkhead and gets turned over.

The Festive period is always busy but the media has chosen not to focus on our nine games in a month; one every three days. No, instead they throw that in with the schedule facing the Ibrox club when the two barely compare.

Our nine games includes a European match against Anderlecht. In the month of November we have played twice in spite of an international fixtures fortnight where a number of our stars were playing. Both those games were away from home.

Before this month ends we’ll play another three games; not one of them is at Celtic Park. We have Paris away, then the cup final and then Motherwell again in the SPL. That launches us into December, which starts with a third game against the Fir Park club but this time in front of our first home crowd in what seems like forever.

Because Sevco was so abysmal in Europe we will have played 10 Europeans ties more than them before the Champions League groups end. We will probably play at least two more European ties after Christmas. We have a cup final to play. If Sevco is knocked out of the Scottish Cup before the final and we reach that final we will play a minimum of one more game above and beyond what they do. That’s fourteen games more than them in the campaign.

I really don’t want to read the words “Sevco” and “fixture pile up” again.

It is patently absurd.

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