Date: 22nd November 2017 at 2:26pm
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Today new rumours which send shockwaves around the game.

Rumours of a book from the pen of Craig Whyte, extracts of which have already been published on the John James blog.

I couldn’t tell you whether the Craig Whyte book is real or not, but it doesn’t have to be. The very rumour of its existence will have various people scared witless. This is the man, the one man who knows what was really going on during the year he was at Ibrox and for quite a bit of the aftermath, and who has no incentive whatsoever to keep his mouth shut.

Whyte’s reputation has been trashed by those events, and he is the only man who has stood trial yet in connection with them. I have never believed he acted alone. I have always felt that more than one of our “governors” should have been in the dock, next to him.

He knows he has been made the scapegoat for failures elsewhere, and that the SFA basically stabbed him in the back although they knew exactly what he was up to. They swiftly banned him from the game, because of his directorship ban, and then in the years that followed allowed a guy who had spent time in prison onto the Sevco board and finally handed the whole lot of it over to Dodgy Dave King, in spite of his multiple convictions in South Africa.

Whyte knows this is a reeking double standard. He knows it stinks to high heaven. He knows what they are all about up at Hampden. They were going along with his Rangers scam up until the moment the press and the fans turned on him … and then they cut him out of the loop, and made sure that he was to play no role in the new club.

Whyte has every right to feel aggrieved at that, and at the years of slander and smear that have followed. Look, everyone knows what this guy was and is, and everyone is well aware of what he was involved in over there. He was the architect of the scam which would have seen a debt free club parachuted into the top flight, with the SFA’s full approval.

Whyte is no hero. He’s a two bob huckster who would have presided over the wreckage of our sport and its integrity. But he was not the lone villain of this piece as so many, over the last five years, have tried to paint him.

The end of his trial, and the not guilty verdict, has freed Craig Whyte up, finally, to take his revenge on those he believes wronged him. I always thought it might take the form of a book, and there ought to be no shortage of publishers willing to take on the project. In it he will tell stories which could threaten to bring down our corrupt association once and for all.

No wonder the media is already all over this.

The merest hint that Whyte may be ready, finally, to spill his guts will have people everywhere running scared.

And you know what?

They should be.

He knows where all the bodies are buried.

If he’s buying shovels, we’re in for one Hell of a ride.