Alex Rae Is Convinced Sevco Can Win Today. But He Also Thinks Toilet Duck Is An Actual Bird.

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Last night, in between hammering Sevco on FIFA 18, I decided to watch the extended highlights of all of our wins over them from last season. Talk about enjoyable. YouTube’s SPL channel is particularly impressive for the number of quality clips on it. They do some things right there, it seems.

On top of that I stumbled across Tom English’s recent destruction of Alex Rae, on Radio Scotland, when the ex-Rangers midfielder demonstrated his total lack of intellect as well as a typical arrogance when he casually dismissed the rest of Scottish football, said it would die unless Sevco caught Celtic. He was agreeing with something the colossally ignorant Graeme Souness had said on the same subject; stupidity is one thing but parroting some else’s stupidity … Jesus.

English, who this website has trashed more than once, brutalised him for it. The BBC reporter tore his flimsy argument to pieces. He forced Rae into humiliating retreat on the central point, that every club in the league – ourselves included – needs a strong Ibrox club. English called his comments “insulting” and they were but they were illuminating too.

Alex Rae is simply too dumb to be asked for his opinion.

Why should we listen to a man who probably believes Toilet Duck is an actual bird?

This is what we fill the media with here in Scotland these days; idiots like this. Kris Boyd scored some goals last week, but I wouldn’t sign him as a player and my view of his journalism remains the same. On top of that, he’s thicker than a concrete milkshake. Rae is right up there with him, on the upside down IQ chart. Somewhere between the Piltdown Man and Donald Trump.

And more and more, that’s who these people sound like when asked to explain themselves; like Trump, and his floundering, embarrassing, New York Times interview of this weekend. Alex Rae is a bit like that, a guy who trots out absolute nonsense and is unable to make a coherent case for any of it when pressed. The radio show on which he first started in the media likes to broadcast that “it’s all about opinions” and that everyone is entitled to theirs … but that doesn’t mean we should give them all the same weight. No-one would debate a Flat Earther.

Today, in The Record, which loves Rae because he is a dead-on appeal at the level of its audience, he is talking about why Sevco has a chance at Celtic Park today. In one sense he’s right. If we don’t do our job they have the same chance as every club that visits would have but when he sets out to explain his rationale it quickly collapses.

Celtic look vulnerable, he says, after a poor run of form. So, what, his own favoured club looks invincible does it? They have been sweeping aside all comers, yeah? Curiously, whilst he highlights our own weaknesses he hasn’t bothered his backside to look at his own team. He’s groping in the dark, hoping his hands close on something that gives him hope.

But believing in fairy-tales doesn’t enable you to fly like Tinkerbell, and his team isn’t suddenly better just because he says they are. And our team hasn’t collapsed like a house of cards just because he evidently believes they did.

Everything harkens back to March, and the solitary point they snatched from us in the last campaign. This is all about “Murty worked a miracle once, he can do it again.” Which part of it are they missing? That we had enough chances to win ten games that day or that Murty’s brilliant strategy consisted of defending like crazy and scoring with the last kick of the ball?

The people pushing this myth are just dying to be embarrassed. Today is a day Brendan has been long waiting for, but probably never thought he’d have; the chance to settle the debt. Rae and others are walking into a minefield wearing clown feet.

But then they are clowns.

Today it’ll be custard pies in the face if they’re very, very lucky.

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