Chris Davies Is Right. This Window Does Not Need To Be Busy, Just Effective.

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A few of the other sites are reporting that Chris Davies has said we will not be busy during the coming window. I applaud them for not editorialising, because not only are Chris’ comments deliberately vague but even if you accept that it means not many deals are needed that is nothing but the literal truth. A handful of good ones is all we need.

There are three positions at the club which need to be addressed. Above and beyond them, the manager can take his time and get busy when the season ends. Sign two central defenders – one of the deals is already done, we also need one for Europe – and most people will be delighted. Sign a left back on top and we’ll be overjoyed.

Anything above and beyond that is a bonus.

Chris and Brendan are not unhappy with the squad. Certain parts of it need tweaking. Only the defence needs something approaching an overhaul and that is a work in progress and ione that won’t be finished in this window with the best will in the world. If the first bricks are put in place and the direction of travel is clear we’ll all be content.

The comments do suggest there won’t be a major clear-out. I didn’t believe a first team starter would depart, although if Armstrong goes I will not be shocked. Sviatchenko is clearly no longer a first team starter so his departure would not be a great shock. But there doesn’t seem to be any stomach for a full-on cull. But that’s not required either.

Some players are clearly not part of the future; Sviatchenko is one of those, as are Hayes and Gamboa. I’d expect Erik to leave here because there’s clearly an issue with him, but Hayes will get to the season ends and so will the right back probably.

If Celtic does a small amount of work well we won’t need to worry. Unlike some clubs we’re not trying to rebuild a squad. For third time. In as many years. Leave other people to flap about and try to make a half dozen signings.

This is what “strong and stable” leadership really looks like.


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