Crazy Sevco Fan Site Admits “Yes, We Ignored Reality” And Says Sorry To Its Equally Deluded Readers.

Image for Crazy Sevco Fan Site Admits “Yes, We Ignored Reality” And Says Sorry To Its Equally Deluded Readers.

Tonight, an amazing laugh out loud moment from the mad squad at Ibrox Noise Up. Their editorial following today’s game actually admits what all of us know well; they deny reality. They ignore it. They get carried away. And they are apologising to their readers for it.

Tonight’s awesome article opens thus:

“We hold our hands up. Like many fans we got carried away with the hysteria of winning 4IAR and allowed ourselves to ignore reality and try to believe we were onto something.”

First let’s all have a giggle about the “hysteria of winning 4IAR” as if this was titles or cups or European trophies. It was four games. Four wins gets an IAR now? Bloody Hell. They really are desperate for any good news to cling to, aren’t they?

The rest of the article descends into a rant, where the writer tells his own readers to “take a flying fling to yourselves.” Anyone who knows what that means, answers on a postcard, please. It’s not their fault that he’s spent the last half a week writing deluded rubbish. It’s not their fault that he’s made a clown out of himself. It’s their fault if they believed it, though. If they got swept away, as many of them did, by the “hysteria.”

An appropriate word, as you all no doubt agree.

As you read this mad postcard from edge, you do see the insanity of it clearly. The writer knows he’s been living in a delusion. Read the following section; “Sure, we put together results – we fluked two wins against a completely unsettled Aberdeen who did not know their backside from their elbow, then scraped two over teams who should have absolutely destroyed us.”

The same website raved about those results! The Aberdeen games were characterised by the abject nature of the Don’s performances. The football from Sevco was hardly scintillating. The last two games were sheer flukes, and most Celtic fans knew that full well. Today at home they came up against team which took its chances.

But they’ve been living on luck. It was never going to last.

This is my favourite bit.

“Today has been coming. This dreadful team has been threatened with a right gubbing from someone for a long time and today it came. Not entirely, but it did in part.”

Hahaha yeah only in part.

But don’t worry, Mr Writer, for the “right gubbing” is on its way in two weeks.

Tick-tock. Tick-tock.


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