Crazy Sevco Website Lays Out Its Bizarre Transfer Window Fantasies.

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Ibrox Noise. You have to hand it to them.

They really do know how to spin a fantasy story.

Earlier this week it was the idea that the club should rush to sign Lassana Diarra, the ex-Real Madrid midfielder who is out of contract and available to talk to any club. Yesterday it was the idea that they could get £3.5 million for Josh Windass.

Today they are apparently raging that Wigan have made an offer for the player, which the club has rejected.

The offer? £200,000.

They apparently believe he’s worth more.

Much more.

Like ten times that, just to start the talking.

This is, indeed, the Josh Windass their own site has repeatedly called useless. The same Josh Windass who so inflames passions on their other forums that the very writing of his name can scarcely be done unless someone writes a curse word next to it.

To say they don’t rate him and think he’s a waste of a shirt would be giving him more credit than he is due.

All of a sudden he’s a £2 million player and they shouldn’t accept less.

I mean, Jesus wept.

The Diarra story was another mad fantasy. The following line should give you a sense for just how out there it actually was. “The former Real Madrid, Arsenal and Chelsea star really is an achievable target – as long as he is willing to accept a wage in line with (our) budget.”

And that’s when I started laughing uproariously.

This is about Virgil Van Dijk of course, as well as the continuing swirl of rumours that suggest we’re about to add £20 million plus to the coffers by selling Dembele. These stories have clearly tripped some switch in their heads and sent them off down the rabbit hole.

They believe that getting those kind of numbers has nothing to do with player potential or actual skill, but about negotiating ability.

They evidently believe that involves asking for stupid money and then waiting for the rest of the world to become stupid.

Just when you think you’ve read everything, you read this kind of stuff and you realise their ability to delude themselves just might be limitless.


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