Date: 14th December 2017 at 4:40pm
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The craziest of the Sevco fan sites – our old friends at Ibrox Noise – have gone full-scale mental on their Director of Football Mark Allen today, because Louis Moult has gone to Preston instead of hanging around Scotland and holding out for a “dream move” to Govan.

He is being made the scapegoat for the failure to hire the manager of Aberdeen and to sign a player from Motherwell.

How this club has fallen. Last night their fans were celebrating because they scraped a 2-1 win at Hibs. Today they are wailing because an SPL standard player has chosen to go and play in the English Championship rather than play for them.

None of this is even slightly surprising to the rest of us; Sevco neither has a pot to piss in or the window to throw it out. They have no leadership at the club. They have no manager. Yet their fans genuinely believed they would be busy signing players and trying to build the next squad.

Their stupidity knows no bounds. The club is ridiculous.

Ibrox Noise seems to think we were also beaten to Moult’s signature.

Yeah because he would have slotted right into our team, behind Dembele, Griffiths and Edouard, right? Fourth choice striker, anyone? Do they really believe that nonsense or are they just pretending they do? Brendan admired the player; that does not mean we wanted to sign him.

Why can’t these people just accept where they are in the world?

McInnes didn’t fancy the job, either because he didn’t want to be manager under such a dysfunctional board with such poor conditions or because he thinks Aberdeen are a bigger club – he’s right, they are – and now Moult has opted for the English second tier. Preston could offer him more money than Motherwell; that’s just the way it goes. But he wasn’t tempted even to wait and see if Sevco put something on the table.

And that is a snub, in anybody’s language.

But Allen is only a cog in the wheel.

It’s amazing it’s taken this long for them to realise that he’s a particularly useless one. It was always ridiculous that a club which was not financially secure would hire someone to do an un-necessary job like this, but Sevco’s board had locked themselves onto this crazy course and now they are stuck on it.

This is the typical reaction of Sevco fans though; demand that someone be fired. People like Allen are just following the instructions of those above them and it never seems to dawn on these muppets than when you fire someone without cause that there are hoops you have to jump through, money you have to pay them.

Why aren’t they understanding this stuff? Louis Moult was a fantasy. The minute he received an offer from England he was going there. There was no chance of him signing for their shambles of a club. I don’t think Kenny McLean will sign for them either.

A few wins under their belts and they can pretend to be world beaters again; it’s no surprise to find them all over Murty, as if he was the messiah. Deep down they know how this story ends too, but they can suspend disbelief for a while if that’s what it takes to get them through until Celtic Park, when all the illusions will shatter like glass dropped from a high building.

Blaming Allen for this stuff is like blaming him for the wind.

Didn’t they read the story in the press this morning, about the club facing yet another court proceeding? Didn’t they read yesterday’s piece on here about how their board is hawking a dodgy invoice around finance companies? You’d think one series of results erased all that. You’d think sacking a director of football for failing to sign a player from a team outside the top six was all they had to worry about. It’s not.

They have bigger problems.

Those can’t be solved by sacking somebody, unless they find a way to get rid of King himself.