Motherwell Have Fired Up Celtic And The Fans Prior To Visiting Parkhead. How Very Stupid Of Them.

Image for Motherwell Have Fired Up Celtic And The Fans Prior To Visiting Parkhead. How Very Stupid Of Them.

Our home form this season hasn’t been great.

I expect that to be rectified in some style when we take the field at the weekend. I expect our will go out onto the Celtic Park turf with a point to prove. The point being, that Motherwell aren’t in our league.

The Fir Park club are acting like spoiled children, throwing tantrums. They’ve accused two of our of diving now, basically told Scott Brown to shut it, threw a slap at our and said our fans vandalised part of their stadium. The and the snatching of a late draw at their ground in midweek have obviously been too much for them.

Let’s get it straight; Celtic deserved to win the League Cup. We were the only team at Hampden that turned up to play football.

We had a 1-0 lead when the penalty was awarded. The player who was sent off should never have been on the park to give it away, after his vicious lunge on Dembele – which has cost us, of course. Their rough-housing was the only strategy they brought to the game. They barely ventured up the pitch until it was too late.

I am already tired of their whining, as I’ve made clear a number of times. Their statement last night was right out of Jim Traynor’s bottom drawer.

What’s more amazing is that half of the hacks, who’s first instinct – not their first impression; their first instinct – was to accuse Callum of wilfully taking a tumble are now revising their views after, you know, watching the incident … it makes them look plainly daft, but it adds to the general impression that Motherwell are hysterical.

What do they think lies at the end of all this? A replay of the final? The retrospective awarding of two more points? What’s more likely is that a Celtic Park pasting is what closes the circle. Because our team has looked, at times, like it was going through the motions at home. I don’t believe that will be the case here. I think we’ll be fired up.

Motherwell have more to worry about than just this one game; they’ve painted a target on their own backs with this nonsense about diving. The first time one of their goes down easily there’s going to be a chorus of “what do you have to say now then?” and they will have fully earned it if they don’t do the right thing. And when points are at stake and a place in is up for grabs who wants to put money on that?

They are kidding only themselves.

It makes me want to ask; is this a Celtic thing? Is this because it’s us? There wouldn’t be half of this furore over a decision that went in favour of another club. Far and away the most provocative words uttered in the last seven days from one club to another were from Neil Lennon and Hibs, directed against Hamilton, and they didn’t generate a tenth of the headlines.

The weekend promises to be interesting; by the time it is done one of our alleged “challengers” will be in crisis, Motherwell will have been dispatched with ease, the critics will have been silenced and we’ll be on 67 unbeaten. A nice number, as I’m sure you’ll agree.


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