Sevco Fans Ought Not To Get Excited Over An Ex Player Seeking A Pension.

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Celtic fans were once so sick of seeing Rangers winning titles that we were willing to swallow just about anything. One of the things we readily put up with was the return of the so-called Son. And boy, how we paid for that.

And so it was that the likes of Andy Walker and were allowed their returns to Celtic Park, not to rekindle former glories but because they reckoned Scottish football meant an easy life and a quick pay day. This phenomenon is not to the return of ex-players, but they seem to think they can get away with it.

Most fans agree that you ought never to return to a club where the supporters retain one semblance of respect for you. It ends in tears. But the sweet song the past sings can be seductive, and lulling, at certain times and particularly in a crisis.

But Sevco is only in crisis in so much as they are not convincing anyone in their quest for second place.

They are in crisis only in that they believe they have some sort of entitlement to every game they play and wail horribly when they don’t. Sevco is in a financial pinch, a serious one, but to all outward appearances – and if you believe the media narrative – this is a club in health.

Which explains today’s in the media about Steven Naismith “not ruling out” a move to the Ibrox club.

Of course he isn’t; the guy is 31 and past it. The end of his career beckons. He wants to go out on playing in front of fans who love him, or once did anyway, with the easy final payday. And they would be mugs if they allowed him to push this.

Naismith suddenly believes in the Survival Lie. Have you noticed that?

But even the briefest look through the archives tells you what he really thinks. He knew it was a brand new club he was joining and he couldn’t wait to run for the exit door the minute their Third Division start was confirmed. He isn’t the only one who did, or the only one begging “to come home.”

Some of their love this idea.

They saw Kyle Lafferty at the weekend and would gladly have him back with open arms as well. They have short memories. They lambast all of us who have spent the last few years reminding them that they died, but would happily resign players who ran away from the corpse as if they were the murderers.

They amaze me. This is too stupid even for them.


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