When Is It Going To Dawn On Sevco’s Fans That Top Players Won’t Play For Ginger Bottles?

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Ibrox Noise.

Two words that always start a day off with a smile.

Today is no exception after a truly wretched article this morning asking if the club might be on the verge of signing “a £52 million player.” Please, if you’re laughing already it’s understandable but wait until you hear the name of the player in question; it’s Benjamin Mendy.

Yes the guy they signed in the summer.

The left back.

“What’s the matter,” I hear you cry? “Is Declan John no longer the be-all-and-end-all of fullbacks?”

This is rank nonsense, of course.

The only thread that links the two is Mark Allen, because he once held a post at Man City.

Mendy has been injured since the campaign began, by the article writer’s own admission he is miles short of fitness. In his absence from the team, Pepe Guardiola has drafted midfielder Fabian Delph to the full-back role … hardly ideal, even if he is doing just fine there.

Why in God’s name would they allow this?

And how in God’s name could Sevco afford it?

Even if they had to pay 20% of this guy’s salary, someone better tell that website and its apparently glue-sniffing writer that Mendy will not work for Irn Bru bottles.

Or for IOU’s. Or for Sevco shares.

He might as well work for bog roll.

To a certain extent I understand the need to live with these delusions … but this one is a beauty, and for the sanity of the guy who writes this stuff someone needs to sit him down and reconnect him to reality. He actually thinks there’s a “good chance” of them pulling this off …

There’s more chance of Benjamin Mendy walking on the moon.

The writer of the article is clearly wired to it.


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