BBC Scotland Says The Hendry Deal Is Over The Line. At Last.

Image for BBC Scotland Says The Hendry Deal Is Over The Line. At Last.

Jack Hendry is “on his way to Celtic Park” according to Chris McLaughlin of the BBC, who informed listeners tonight on Radio Scotland that the Bain deal was done but that Dundee were “stalling” on the deal for the big central defender.

Other online reports suggested that Celtic were not being dissuaded and were willing to go the extra mile to get the deal finalised.

It looks as if they’ve succeeded.

There’s no word on the final fee, but rumours that this deal will involve some kind of loan back to the club seem to be well wide of the mark. The deal will be our fifth piece of transfer business in this window and will close off what I think has been a wholly satisfactory one.

The club has not spent big money here, but that money is there for the summer.

Do I think it will be spent?

Like yourselves I’m sick and tired of hearing about how we “could” sign big name players for big fees without ever actually doing it, so I’ll reserve judgement on that … but I hear things that make me more optimistic than I was.

There is a lot of moaning on social media about this deal.

A lot of our fans aren’t terribly impressed by it. They forget that good players become better players with the right sort of talent around them, the right sort of coaching, the right sort of experience. We aren’t going to know what we’ve got here until we see him in action beside Kieran and others.

Some of our fans really do need to get a grip of themselves.

They’ve written this guy off before he’s played in a single match. We really do have a lot of ingrates in the support at the present time. This is a young player who’s highly rated. To knock this deal is to say you don’t trust the judgement of the manager. That’s simply ridiculous and unwarranted.

I know where my faith lies.

In Brendan We Trust.

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