Date: 9th January 2018 at 4:27pm
Written by:

A Sevco fan site has tried to pour scorn on internet reports that the club is on the verge of an administration event by publishing an error strewn article which makes a number of simply deluded claims.

Foremost amongst them is the description of the Jamie Murphy transfer fiasco as an “Mbappe type agreement for an EPL winger.”

Just when you think they couldn’t possibly get any worse along comes GersNet with something that almost reads like a self-parody.

The central thrust of their article is that we are all wrong when we point to signs that the club might be about to circle the drain. In defence of that view they offer up “evidence.”

That evidence amounts to tens of millions of chits owed to their shareholders and “no external debt.” They talk about turning down offers for players. About signing a couple.

Let me remind them of a couple of things; in 2012, Rangers turned down offers of players. The administrations even tried to sign one, as I’m sure these Peepul are aware.

The reason they have no external debts is that no company, anywhere, will give them a single penny in credit because they are a financial basket case with no viable strategy.

The article claims that the existing debts to the directors will vanish in an equity switcheroony which their own chairman has rendered virtually impossible. And in case they need this pointing out, no club is really interested in buying its players and the “Mbappe type agreement” came at the end of an extended comedy skit which has revealed the club as utterly skint.

Does anyone else see other holes in the Mbappe comparison? And “an EPL winger”? Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t he being allowed to leave for a pittance (which they still can’t afford) because he’s proved that he doesn’t belong at that level?

Honest to God, these people are total fantasists and I find their “obsesessed” nonsense to be pretty pathetic. It’s their way of saying “don’t dare laugh at us.”

Well I’m pissing myself. Because that club is a joke, and with websites like GersNet publishing this kind of hilarious rot instead of scrutinizing those inside the walls they will continue to be.

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