Morelos Drops A Bombshell On Sevco As The Effects Of Over-Hyping Him Hit Home.

Image for Morelos Drops A Bombshell On Sevco As The Effects Of Over-Hyping Him Hit Home.

Alfredo Morelos has told a Colombian TV station that he wants to leave Ibrox in the summer for “a bigger club.”

As this site predicted when the press slapped a ludicrous £10 million transfer fee on him, talked up by the club, there were going to be consequences for that.

This is one of them.

The player now thinks he’s too good for Scotland, and too good for that club in particular.

Delusion is catching. Sevco are now in a bind.

One way to keep Morelos of course would be to offer him a new deal, but as I said here the other day when you’ve rated someone as worth eight figures a new deal is going to be an expensive proposition. This is just another example of that club’s and utter failure to think things all the way through.

It didn’t take a genius to see this coming.

Now that this is in the open, now that Morelos has done what even Moussa Dembele didn’t do, and has told the world that he can’t wait to get out of Glasgow, let’s see how plays it. He’s put himself and his club under pressure, which for a guy who’s scored only twice against teams in the top six is not a good idea.

But you have to laugh at the way this has already backfired on the Ibrox club.

With only SPL form to go on, no European ties to speak of, no international profile, a summer deal would see them fetch a modest return on their investment at best. The idea that they were ever going to get £10 million for this joker was for the birds.

£2.5 million will represent excellent business … and leave a lot of egg on a lot of faces.

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