An English Based Zenit Fan Has Made A Video About His Celtic Trip And It’s Excellent.

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I always enjoy seeing how opposition fans respond to their first experience of Celtic Park, the ground which is voted time and again as the most atmospheric in Europe.

Today my old man sent me a video blog from a Zenit fan who came to Parkhead last night, and it is excellent.

Every supporter should watch it, and be proud.

Here in Scotland we know who are enemies are; they are Peepul who constantly snipe and try to paint us in a bad light to the rest of the world.

But the rest of the world is smarter than these Peepul give credit for.

They can make up their own minds, and those who visit our beloved stadium on big nights like last night come away feeling awed.

This kid, with connections in St Petersburg, and who came up here never having attended one of our games before but with the reputation of the ground and the fans already clear in his mind, enjoyed the trip enormously and the game with it.

Not only did he spend some time in the city centre, but he was taken to the London Road CSA club and from there onto the game.

He spoke to our fans, got a taste of what to expect and then experienced it himself.

Ignore the daft prediction from the guy who took him to the CSA that we would lose heavily and concede by “double figures” over the course of the tie; someone sounds like he needs to stop reading The Daily Record! Laugh over the about Scott Sinclair being our star man, and our Zenit fan’s belief that it was the Englishman who set up the goal!

Just enjoy this, a kid on a journey to watch his at our ground. Like who’ve come before him, he sounds like someone who’ll be back and not to see his own team. And like those others he will be made more than welcome by the Best Fans In The World.

Congrats to him for such a fine video.

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