As Sevco Scrambles For Wonga Loans, Celtic Release Astounding 6 Month Figures.

Image for As Sevco Scrambles For Wonga Loans, Celtic Release Astounding 6 Month Figures.

Whilst Sevco are patting themselves on the back and their fans are orgasmic with joy over stories that they’ve managed to secure a modest overdraft facility – not entirely true as I’ll explore tonight or tomorrow – Celtic has released real, verifiable, tangible figures that show them how it’s done.

Those figures are astounding.

They are for the first six months of the season, up until 31 December. They show a profit, after tax, of a little over £17 million. In spite of increased turnover that number is down on ; think win bonuses and increased transfer and wage .

The figures are incredible. Six month earnings have climbed by 16% to £71.5 million. That puts us over the hills and far away. Sevco can talk about catching us, but talking is all they are going to do. Even in operating conditions they aren’t going to get near that. Revenues for last season – the full tax year – were over £90 million; these numbers today put us on course for a record breaking £100 million turnover for the season.

That looks almost certain. Sevco’s turnover was £29.9 million … ours for this will be three times that and if you think it’s a coincidence that we chose today to announce this I have a bridge to sell you. Cash in the bank is now over £30 million.

We’re sitting on a major surplus. For those in Sevconia who’ve accused Dermot Desmond and others of looting our club … guess again, you morons.

For those who think we’re facing repair or even impending legal action (you know who you are, you diseased scum) … well we could certainly afford it. And there’s none of that in front of us.

The terms of Sevco’s new “agreement” with Close Brothers is potentially toxic.

They are desperate to offer the appearance of being in touching distance.

Celtic has picked the perfect moment to show them just how futile all their scrambling really is.

They don’t believe us when we tell them there’s no way back … but the numbers do not lie. Celtic dwarfs them. We’re the club they imagined they’d be back before Rangers fell into the abyss. And the thing with us is that it’s all .

What a lovely way to begin the weekend.

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