Date: 17th February 2018 at 10:57am
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Today The Sun says that interest in Morelos is set to culminate in an £11 million bid.

The “author” of this – or at least the sap who has put his name on it – is Andy Devlin.

He’s claiming it as “an exclusive.”

He must have what few other newspapers in the country do; sources in China.

One wee note to him; sources in the local takeaway don’t count.

Honestly, this story has now climbed into the realms of fantasy fiction. George RR Martin better get cracking on The Winds Of Winter, before the Morelos story captures the attention of his fan base. This story is bonkers. We already know that if such interest existed Sevco would not have had to go to the Wonga loan companies.

How bad is today’s story?

Well neither it nor the one yesterday was extensively covered by the rest of the media.

They didn’t want to touch it and they don’t want to touch this. It has caught fire on social media though, with Sevconuts wanting the club to “hold out for more” – I know, right? – and Celtic fans and other supporters openly mocking them for it.

Even a Hibs fans blog has got in on the act, accusing the media of spreading what they know to be a bullshit story, all in the interests of promoting the player in the summer.

Devlin has had a steer from somewhere, although I notice that, amusingly, his newspaper has dropped its stories about the player being offered £60,000 a week. This is another big flashing light that the story is nothing but a PR stunt.

The £60,000 in wages story was cut in half today. Why? Because £30,000 makes it easier to placate the player and his agent if they come calling and demand the club accept the “offer.” Even the PR “geniuses” at Level 5 realise they overplayed a bad hand with that.

Somebody somewhere keeps on pushing this though. It’s a story that’s not simply wrecking the reputations of everyone involved but its pushing the expectations of Sevco fans to a level that is insanely, ridiculously, high … when they punt this guy for £3 million or thereabouts I really do not know what they are going to tell the fans.

Blame it all on the Unseen Hand maybe.

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