Celtic Away Days In Europe. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.

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Away days in Europe.

The very best or the very worst. In the modern age, which is what I want to focus on, there are individual games which stand out as being almost beautiful. There are some that are as ugly as a scowling Sevconite after twelve hours on the bevvy.

I am going to focus on three of each; three good, three bad and three ugly. The reasons for this are simple; there aren’t enough really good ones to do a full article on them. The irony is, one of the good ones will come from this season, and you get no prizes for guessing which.

In the interest of keeping this sane, I am going to make one of the bad ones a night when only the result was bad. The event itself was wholly positive apart from that.

Tomorrow night we have the odds stacked against us. The odds of our own recent history.

The media has already gone over it all a million times, there’s no need for me to do the same. But Brendan has actually improved our away form; that’s a story the media doesn’t like to tell. It’s the one that might prove crucial to where we end up.

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