Crisis Club Sevco Benches The Striker They Unsettled For Their Must Win Game At Partick.

Image for Crisis Club Sevco Benches The Striker They Unsettled For Their Must Win Game At Partick.

Sevco is tonight continuing to pay the price for last week’s astonishingly stupid lie about Alfredo Morelos. The striker, who their own actions have helped to unsettle, is sitting on the bench as the match against Thistle is about to kick off.

They are playing Cummings instead.

This may work and it may not; indeed, knowing their luck Morelos might well come off the bench late in the game and score a winner, but the backlash of what they set in motion will be haunting them regardless, long after this evening’s match is over.

That they are even in this position demonstrates amply the truth that no-one at Ibrox ever thinks through the consequences of what they are doing. It was clear that bumming up one their players and fabricating a multi-million pound move was a bad idea. They did it anyway, and have wrecked their relationship with the player.

He is their only hope of landing a good transfer fee in the summer.

And you can’t sell a player if you’re forced to put him on the bench, and especially for what has already turned into a must-win match. Their club is all over the place. Their manager is reeling from what they’ve done here. They can push this line about the move being rule and try to make the club look like it’s well run, but tonight they have left a guy they claim is an £8 million player out of their starting eleven because his head isn’t in the game.

And they did it to themselves.

What a shambles they are.

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