Did The Record Really Call Kazakhstan For A Negative Celtic Story Before Tomorrow Night?

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Remember Astana?

The mouthy club who came to Celtic Park talking big and who left on the end of a hiding?

The team who gave us a momentary fright in the return leg, only for us to score a couple of goals and go through easily? They offered exactly no threat at all to us during the tie, except that which we caused by our own second leg complacency.

Well today, their manager – tactical genius that he is – was in our favourite tabloid rag talking about our weaknesses ahead of the Zenit game and in particular taking shots at Craig Gordon.

How do you imagine he got in that paper? He phoned them himself? Because he just can’t stand not reading his own name in Scottish newspapers, right?

I never cease to be amazed at that newspaper and its underhanded behaviour.

They do this to us before every single European tie; they go out there and they dig up some absolute footballing nonentity to tell us how crap we are.

But this one takes the piss.

If The Record wants to find someone to have a go it probably shouldn’t be someone who arrived in Glasgow all mouth but who turned out to have nothing in the trouser department. It probably shouldn’t be someone Brendan dismissed as easily as swatting a fly.

But what other choice did The Record have?

Let’s face it, nobody at PSG or Bayern Munich is going to take their call.

Anderlecht probably don’t think slagging a team who knocked them out of Europe was exactly dripping with class. Our other opponents probably acted with disbelief upon hearing the questions;

“You want us to what? To diss your own country’s sole remaining European team? For God’s sakes, why? Why would we? Why would you want that?”

We could give them an answer to that, although they may not believe it.

There’s no point in me banging on about how low this newspaper is; if people haven’t cottoned onto that before now nothing is going to bring it home to them.

But I am still occasionally astounded by how bitter and hate-filled some of the people who work there are, and whoever picked up the phone and called Kazakhstan to get a negative review … well that takes some beating.

Can we call that a job well done?

At that paper it counts as one.

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