Date: 3rd February 2018 at 5:11pm
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So, Aberdeen made up some ground on us today, but they moved further in front of the Sevconuts.

Today has been a triumph for those managers who are not afraid.

Steve Clarke has added Celtic’s scalp to the others he’s already taken this year.

Neil Lennon has won at Ibrox. Again.

Every limitation of Graeme Murty’s management style has been exposed. Again.

When do Sevco fans learn the lessons? There will be no challenge from them for years, because even on a bad day for us they have neither the skills nor the mentality to mount one. Aberdeen have closed the gap, but they are serial bottlers and even if we slipped a couple more times before the season ends, I don’t believe they will catch us.

But Sevco is not a challenger. They never were.

Neil Lennon hate will go into the stratosphere tonight. The media will find some reason to have a go at him, I’m sure.

If they want something to take their minds off it they should ask Sevco for a look at the match guest list; if there’s someone on it whose name sounds like a dish you’d get at an Oriental restaurant they can spend the next week trying, in vain, to talk up the absolute non-talent who plays in the number 9 shirt. £8 million? For that? It puts the tin hat on a hilarious week. Hey, their one consolation is that Dembele doesn’t look like a £30 million player at the moment either.

The difference is, we’d happily keep the player.

They’re desperate for the money.

All this talk about Sevco having turned a corner … please. If you’ve watched them at all you know how ridiculous that was. All the hype during the window about a bunch of guys brought here on four month loans, to play for a manager on a four-month loan, dressed up as some kind of forward progress … don’t make me laugh.

Steve Clarke and Neil Lennon have embarrassed other bosses in the top flight today. They played without fear.

Aberdeen fans in particular should be looking at their results with more than a little concern, although they have closed the gap on us and pulled ahead of the Ibrox shambles. They must have misgivings though.

With either of these bosses in charge they would be something to worry about.

Our own performance today was rank. It really was. But we have the manager and the players who can turn it around, and that’s the difference when everything is said and done. The fury that has already erupted on the Sevco fans sites is amplified by our result; they think this was an opportunity missed. It was, if you mean an opportunity to delude themselves that they actually stood a chance of catching us. They are so far from that we can’t even see them in the rear-view.

Fear and loathing are once again stalking through the Ibrox stands. Fear of the future. Loathing of the “luck” carried by Brendan Rodgers and just the general loathing of Neil Lennon which runs through their support like a dose of diarrhoea.

They know what this result today means; they know they should ignore what happened at Rugby Park and focus on the bubbling cauldron of chaos inside their own club. But the loathing is a stronger influence on them than the fear.

There is no end in sight.

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