If You Watch The BBC You’ll See McInnes Was Right: Aberdeen Should Have Won.

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Watch the BBC highlights of yesterday’s game.

Please. Honestly, you just have to.

You must.

To truly understand what happened in the match it is essential.

Because in the aftermath the managers both spoke and one of them got it badly wrong.

It was Brendan, of course. He said that we were the better team, that we deserved to win, that we made the best chances, that we had more of the ball.

It’s not true. It can’t be. Watch the BBC highlights package.

My God.

There was only one team in the game, and it wasn’t us. How did we escape with even a point?

Those were the highlights of a hiding, except that they must have somehow forgotten to include the home team goals.

Who does these highlights?

Did they bring in the editorial team at Ibrox Noise, fresh from their latest fevered dreams of title winning glory?

For God’s sake. You couldn’t make this stuff up.

If McInnes had slept through the game and caught the BBC highlights he’d be asking for his own SFA inquiry into how we won the match.

The “national broadcaster” has made it look as if but for one spell in the game we were outplayed. The make it look as if we scored our goals on the break, as if we were the ones who sat behind the ball for the full 90 minutes.

Honestly, the more I study their coverage the worse it gets.

They also missed out from their highlights the most notable moment of the game … but more on that subject later.

In the meantime, whilst we’re on the subject of the BBC, where the Hell is Kheredine Idessane?

He has not tweeted since his grovelling apology to Sevco on 3 February.

Has he been carpeted or, and the question does have to be asked, was so he pissed off with what his bosses forced him to do that he has steadfastly refused to do any more social media stuff?

Everyone knows he was hung out over that one; the only question is whether he willingly accepted it or did he try to fight it?

Either way, a guy who was, prior to that, so prolific on Twitter – check his feed if you don’t believe me; he has 12,000 tweets on there – is now conspicuous by his absence. If he’s protesting against being given a using I don’t blame him.

But if he’s hiding because he knows how ridiculous he looks … well I don’t blame him for that either.

Is anyone really still standing behind the China story?

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