Date: 10th February 2018 at 8:35pm
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Say whatever you like about that rag-bag club from Ibrox, and especially about their being a pale shadow of the club that played there before, but they have one thing, in spades, which the OldCo did before them and that is the sense of entitlement.

You know, that club is on the bones of its arse. That hasn’t stopped them boasting about how big they are, how important they are, how they’ll do this and how they’ll do that. Callum McGregor, who has more winners medals than virtually their whole side put together, was talking before the weekend about how our club takes nothing for granted, although we were League Cup winners, top of the table and Scottish Cup holders going into the game.

At Ibrox they talk as if the second place spot – in fact, our spot – was theirs for the taking, as if by right. They talk as if Ayr is a foregone conclusion and that their quarter final opponents need not even bother to show up.

You get used to this white noise out of Ibrox after a while, but it never lessens. It never dampens down. What amazes me about it is how a guy like Murty – who’s not even been here long enough to leave an arse print on his chair – can be so deeply into it although he has no background in this nonsense. He’s been at Ibrox since 2016, and already he talks like a True Believer.

Warburton wasn’t there long before he doing the military two-step to a sectarian Loyalist flute band on the pitch at Linfield. Caixinha, a Portuguese Catholic, was the one who daubed their bigoted slogan of supremacy on the walls of the dressing room.

That club is a little mad. And it’s clear that what infects it is Trixie, the famous virus from George Romero’s movie The Crazies (and its remake, which is pretty good as well). What’s the tagline for that one? Insanity is infectious.

So too is arrogance, it seems.

Tomorrow they face a relatively easy tie. How hard do you expect it to be with a notorious Sevconite in the dugout opposite, who’s one contribution to the debate over Sevco in recent months was to tell Kilmarnock their player wasn’t worth what Ibrox wanted to pay for him? McCall knows where his loyalties lie, and he’ll already be putting this game in the rear-view.

But Sevco does not have any right to be in the next round. There are players at Ayr who will make them fight for every ball, and that’s as it should be. If Sevco goes through – which I can’t see past, frankly – they will make the quarter finals.

And that’s as far as I think they’ll get. For all their big talk they are nowhere near as good as they think they are. One last home game is the best they can hope for; I doubt they will make Hampden, and that will put Murty under the most serious pressure.

He will depart Ibrox to the sound of booing. That’s who they are. That’s who he’s pledged to. But for the moment, warm in the bosom of that basket case club, he is saying all the right stuff and (doubtless) singing all the right songs. For now they remain football’s most arrogant club, with so little to boast about.

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