Neil McCann Blames Celtic For What The BBC Said Was His Club’s Deadline Day Delay Over Hendry.

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Neil McCann, in a spiteful piece of wailing, told the BBC today that Celtic had “delayed” their bid for Jack Hendry until “the last minute” making it impossible for him to conduct any business and sign a replacement. This was shortly before Dundee announced the signing of a replacement.

And this is funny, because it was the same broadcaster which announced on the night itself that it was Dundee who were “stalling” on the deal.

Here’s my question; is McCann lying to the BBC?

If he is, why did they let him get away with it?

It seems like a daft question in the week where one of their journalists has grovelled an apology to Sevco for scotching one of the most transparently fictitious transfer stories of recent years, but I am asking it nonetheless.

Here’s a corollary question; was the BBC journalist who was the source of that announcement, himself lying about Dundee?

Because I’d have thought that issue would have been worth McCann mentioning during his incontinent outburst today where he levelled accusations at us.

In spite of McCann’s comments, I know Celtic did not “leave it late” to submit a bid.

Some horse trading went on.

That is the norm on deadline night.

It was Dundee who “held out” as long as they could, to get the right price.

There is not a soul on Earth who can blame them for doing so; it was an excellent piece of business, and one that was done professionally.

Professionally, on both sides.

Celtic conducted this affair with the utmost respect for Dundee.

We persisted in our efforts to sign the player in spite of McCann having run to the media to violate our confidentiality when we made our initial offer. He was the one who acted unprofessionally here, as everyone who followed this affair will be all too well aware.

What bothers me here is that there must have been people sitting in that press conference who know the facts of this matter, and if McCann was being less than truthful they must have let him get away with that.

I trust that Chris McLaughlin will clarify this, by putting McCann firmly in his place and refuting the story he’s telling here.

Of course, if the BBC got it wrong on the night I trust they’ll retract.

In fact, I trust they’ll send a grovelling apology to Dundee, in public, on Twitter.

After all, that’s how it’s done these days, isn’t it?

The Corporation does have its standards to maintain, right?

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