Today, Tam McManus made one of those stupid interventions that makes you wish ex-players were banned from offering so-called “analysis.”

He said Celtic’s squad depth is not as good as has been made out.

Garbage. Our squad depth is fine.

It’s the depth of our injury list that has caused the problems, and when that is resolved we’ll see who has squad depth.

Squad depth, in fact, is itself the problem and that problem is going to be exacerbated when players who are out on loan come back. We’re going to have more options than we know what to do with, and more opportunities for tactical flexibility.

But can we really keep all these guys at the club when so many won’t play?

Can we really play a squad rotation system which means that there’ll be no consistency of selection?

It works for some clubs, but can it work for ours?

Here’s a look at the scale of the “problem” … I call it that because you have to call it something, but as worries goes this is a good one to have.