Date: 13th February 2018 at 11:42am
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So we are well on the way to the end of the season.

Whether some want to believe it or not we have had, and are having, and will have a great season.

That can be reviewed later on, but just now some Celtic fans need to get a grip.

We have a section of our support that look for reasons to criticise, nothing is ever good enough.

Its a joke. James touched yesterday on the Dembele / Griffiths debate, but the arguments in the stands and on the forums over form is not limited to those two players. Whilst constructive criticism is valid, some of it isn’t constructive in the slightest.

You look at fans of other clubs and they seem to believe, even if it’s wildly unrealistic at times. They have hope their team will step up. Our fans seem not to.

Fans of clubs with a Europa league tie coming up would be excited and believe, we don’t.

This season alone we have had criticism that losing two games is a disgrace.

That our manager, one of the most respected in world football, has “lost it”.

That not being able to stand up to the most expensive teams ever constructed is appalling.

That winning games by only one or two goals is not enough.

That our defenders should never make mistakes.

That having 11 first team players out injured is not an acceptable reason for team fluency being affected, for us.

That not spending millions on players, just for the sake of it, is disgraceful.

That young players, who have been out injured, should come back into the team and score hat tricks immediately or be sold right away.

That this is the worst Celtic team ever seen … yes that one really was a criticism.

All of this from fans of a club who have won 4 trophies in a row, will win 5 and are overwhelming favourites for a double treble, the same club who have lost 2 domestic games in 18 months and have progressed in Europe.

Surely reading that you find it just as mental as I do.

Now I am not saying that we should not criticise and review our team and performances neutrally but we have to get a grip. We have to know that things are OK, in fact more than that, we are in a great place.

We need to accept that we are not a finished article, we are a work in progress, at the beginning of something.

We are taking one step at a time, as we have since Fergus came in, other clubs, not only in this country, have tried to jump steps and it just causes problems, it always comes to bite you on the arse. That is not us.

Now there are issues which we must look at, the rampant hatred and abuse we receive in the media, this is, partly, where this criticism from our own comes from. Its an old trick to pick on non issues and inflate to hide the issues elsewhere, we know it happens, so stop buying into it.

We need to keep pressure on the Resolution 12 issue, we need Celtic to ensure they are at the forefront of pushing change in Scottish football.

I wrote a while back about the “back of the bus” issue that exists in within the Celtic support, this is part of it too, it seems that some of our fans believe the only way to prove we are unbiased is by criticising our own team.

That is an old hangover from the days of dominance by the Govan scum, but their club is dead and their influence is dying, it still has some cohorts but we can and should be proud of who we are and stop looking for the negatives.

David Campbell is a Celtic fan and blogger who’s enjoying our success for all it’s worth.

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