Sutton Has Missed The Point: This Week Wasn’t About Morelos. It Was About The Media Telling Lies.

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Let’s not beat around the bush here; Chris Sutton amuses us because he speaks his mind.

He says whatever pops into his head at any given moment, and he puts it in the kind of language we would use ourselves. But he does it this way because he lacks finesse. He does it this way because, to put it bluntly, his IQ isn’t melting the polar ice caps.

Chris Sutton puts things in simple language because he’s not very intelligent.

We refrain from pointing that out. Out of politeness. Out of respect for what he was in Celtic colours. But watching him on BT Sport is a little like watching a very good, very capable, circus act. It’s hugely entertaining, but you would not try to compare it to Citizen Kane.

Why is today an appropriate day to point this out?

Because today he’s attacked us, calling us “keyboard warriors” for doing exactly what he does and gets paid for. Giving our opinion. I don’t mind him doing that; had he left it at that I would have put it down to his being not very bright and left it alone. But he went further and he accused us of talking down the Scottish game in trying to devalue opposing club’s players.

Perhaps he needs a lesson in how all this works.

It isn’t fans who set the market value for footballers. If it was, clubs would be just as bankrupt as he was once. The people who do that are professional scouts and managers. Those who can spot a £10 million player, or are supposed to. They don’t always get it right, but my money is on them knowing more than he does, the guy whose managerial career amounted to winning a mere 14 games out of 50 at mighty Lincoln.

He thinks Morelos is worth £8 million; that’s entirely his own opinion and he is entitled to it, but it may well be part of the reason those 50 games is as good as it got for him when it came to spending Other People’s Money, which is what managers invariably do.

On top of that, the assertion that this is what we’ve spent the week doing – trying, in some way, to sabotage Morelos’ value – is rank ignorance and a denial of reality up there with anything that came out of Stewart Regan’s mouth in the past seven days.

He missed the point of it all entirely; this was about the media.

It just so happened that on this occasion Morelos was the story, but the story itself is incidental; it’s a symptom, not the disease.

It’s not what we were focused on.

We were focused on the lies. On the way the media willingly, wittingly, spreads PR nonsense disguised as news. On the hypocrisy of broadcasters and journalists bending facts and expanding what was already clearly bonkers into something even worse.

Even when we offered argument and evidence in mitigation it did no good.

Because it was just ignored and they kept on writing the same shite.

More alarmingly, when one guy broke ranks and challenged the narrative – and by the way, congrats to Peter Martin because he too dismissed the story as nonsense – he was then forced to backtrack and issues a grovelling apology to Sevco although he hadn’t done anything to merit that.

That became even bigger than the Morelos story itself.

That became the point.

Sutton just doesn’t get it; ensconced in his wee self-congratulatory bubble, surrounded by his media pals, he’s failed to grasp the enormity of what we spent the week trying to counter. He failed to even comprehend it, proving that some matters are better left to those of us who do see the bigger picture and know our business. He is an ex-footballer and now media personality; he doesn’t have the mind for cracking open the can of worms.

Besides, he’s inside the can. He’s one of the worms.

He’s a member of the industry that, in its own way, helped to spawn the Internet Bampots in the first place because if they had been doing their jobs we wouldn’t have to.

In short, we’ve spent the week trying to mop up their latest puddle of piss. And if he thinks the national media spreading easily disprovable lies isn’t important and shouldn’t be challenged, well you know what? He’s even stupider than I thought he was.

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