The Daily Record’s Gavin Berry Makes The Stupidest Claim About Sevco Yet.

Image for The Daily Record’s Gavin Berry Makes The Stupidest Claim About Sevco Yet.

The Daily Record team is divided over the Morelos bid.

Keith Jackson at least appears to believe that the story is utter cobblers. His fellow hacks are all much more trusting of the word out of Ibrox. They are clearly gullible fools. When he towers over them on an issue that should give you some hint as to how thick they are. Yet Gavin Berry has taken the prize.

It is rare to read something as stupefying as what he wrote for this morning’s issue.

When asked about the Morelos issue he offered up two pieces of nonsense for the price of one.

“It’s great that the club is now in a position where they can afford to turn down such a bid and shows they’re moving in the right direction.”

Wow. What other word can you say after reading such hideous ignorance?

Berry makes the rest of the panel look like the Brains Trust by coming out with such garbage. Sevco is “moving in the right direction” are they? A rash of loanees, a temporary manager, a chairman facing prosecution, a club running on vapours?

The club can’t afford to turn down a bid that size.

Which is why even Jackson has doubts that such a bid was ever made in the first place.

The rest of us know for sure that it wasn’t.

It’s been five days since that alleged bid was “rejected” by the club; do Chinese clubs give up as easily as that? Their window is still open. The player is clearly unhappy – in spite of a Record piece the day after ours shut which described him, I kid you not, as “wearing a smile so dazzling it could have featured in a toothpaste advert” – and unsettled; the best move would be to keep the pressure on and try to force the club to crack.

Yet no other “bid” has been made.

Where does our media find these idiots? Does Berry believe that Sevco is in a position to start refusing offers like that? Does he actually believe that Chinese club was so impressed by Morelos 11 goals in our league that they offered to buy him for eight times the fee Sevco paid just a few months ago? The story is ludicrous and that some of the hacks are keeping it alive is even worse.

But Berry basically reinventing the club’s position … that is truly mind-boggling. If this is Sevco “moving in the right direction” I will honestly die laughing on the day he thinks they are moving in the wrong one.

How seriously should we take these people? Well, every one of them thinks Smith would be a good choice for Scotland boss and if not him Alex McLeish.

That’s the level we’re dealing with here.

Something moderately higher than the IQ of a baboon.

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