The Media Coverage Of How Sevco Has “Closed The Gap” Is Typically Hysterical And Wrong.

Image for The Media Coverage Of How Sevco Has “Closed The Gap” Is Typically Hysterical And Wrong.

So, while on my holiday in Perth, Australia (I would say shameless dig but I have not shame in it whatsoever), I have been, of course, keeping tabs on Celtic and as much of Scottish football as I can.

Seen all of Zenit tie at CP – Awesome.

Did not see St J game however I heard and have read Celtic were well below par, even for major rotation in the squad.

I further heard that John Beaton, once again, showed no shame in being as one sided against us as he could.

And we still didn’t lose, despite his efforts.

According to the media, what has happened in the aftermath of the weekend results is that we have lost ground in the title race. … eh…what?

See, that’s the part I must have missed.

With my holiday head on it’s not impossible that something got past me … but that?

We didn’t!!!!

As I am sure you will know, we INCREASED our lead at the top of the table.

Performance to on side for the moment.

We are 9 points clear with 11 to play. FACT!!!!

It is being reported as if the mob second in the league are now right up our arse; they are not, we pulled further away than we were.

Sevco were not second in the table at the beginning of the weekend, Aberdeen were.

This seems to have been missed by the despicable press coverage since Sunday.

You would think that Sevco had been second and we had lost some ground in the title race.

This did not happen.

Now I realise I have repeated that a few times but its to emphasise that we have actually moved further away in the title race than we were.

How insidious was the coverage of the last few days?

Believe it or not, I had to explain this to a Celtic friend of mine who was convinced we had been on 11 pts and had been pegged back.

I pointed out the maths, he fully understood, but outside Celtic no one else seems to.

Does anyone need any more proof that their is an anti Celtic agenda in the press and media now?

We have INCREASED our lead in the title race and we are being told and reported against as if it is a bad thing for us.

Any other team in the world who were playing badly, as we are in the league, yet increased their lead would be seen as having the race sewn up and all the coverage would be about how they wont lose the title. It its being portrayed in the opposite fashion for us.

The club, now, must mobilise against this anti Celtic reporting.

I have sent tweets to media people asking them if they understand that we increased our lead, no reply.

How can a title race, which didn’t exist at 8pts, now exist at 9pts?

Even for our gutter press this is atrocious.

David Campbell might just be back from his holidays, but he’s got his shooting boots on as ever.

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