The Record Scrapes The Bottom Of The Barrel As It “Rates” Brendan Rodgers Signings.

Image for The Record Scrapes The Bottom Of The Barrel As It “Rates” Brendan Rodgers Signings.

Chris Sutton was playing his favourite game in midweek; “What I’d do if I was Celtic manager.” As usual it was a mixture of ignorance and utter nonsense.

Every ex-player thinks he’s qualified to be a boss. Sutton’s problem is that he talks as if he never tried to do what he apparently finds so easy when it comes to criticising others; he has been a manager. He lasted 50 games. He had a win ration of 28%.

For that reason, alone, I find it hard to take his wisdom seriously.

I find it even harder to take that rag of a newspaper The Daily Record seriously; they produced one of their abysmal pieces today, “rating” the Brendan Rodgers signing policy, an exercise so pointless and ludicrous that it can only have served one purpose; to undermine the manager in the manner I suggested in the previous piece.

Brendan Rodgers has not got everything right, but it’s ridiculous for Sutton or The Record – who pays him a salary; quite why someone pro-Celtic would take coin from such a anti-Celtic rag baffles me – to criticise Jack Hendry when he’s barely kicked a ball, Marvin Compper when he hasn’t kicked a ball and other players who aren’t getting in the team every week.

The markings are ridiculous. Kouassi Eboue got a five as a “strange” signing and the hack responsible – I’m not giving his name; he doesn’t deserve the publicity – labelled him a “red card risk.” Where the Hell is he getting that crap from?

Marvin Compper got a two; a ludicrous example of the media seeing what it wants to see. They made much of how he was signed ineligible for Europe, as if Celtic somehow missed that and signed him anyway, when in fact he was signed to add experience to the defence for the next campaign. The rating of Jack Hendry as a 3 is equally nonsensical; you are handing out marks to people who have barely played games. Why bother, unless it’s to have a dig?

Lewis Morgan got the same; “the jury is out” the article says, as if the kid was on trial. He’s not even checked in at Celtic Park yet, but apparently there’s already a case being built against him. How absolutely scandalous.

Musonda got a five, after playing a handful of games. In one of them, against Zenit, he set up the winning goal with a marvellously executed chip over their defence … exactly what he was brought to Celtic Park to do. The article says this; “Sutton reckons it’s worrying that he already appears to be the third choice for the No.10 role.”

Sutton talks shite. Unless he’s privy to the inner workings at Celtic Park he’s making stuff up and seeing exactly, and only, what he wants to. There’s a clip of him online right now, saying that Celtic are bottlers and are going backwards … funny, because we got further in Europe than we did last season, we’re top of the league and still in the Scottish Cup.

At times, he is nothing but an attention seeking twat.

All in all though, The Record article has to be one of the most ridiculous, pointless, and flat out absurd pieces of so-called journalism I’ve ever read.

A team of monkeys with Word could produce the average copy of The Daily Record; in this case they must have got one of them drunk.

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