Date: 8th February 2018 at 11:28am
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Craig Levein says Scott Brown got booked deliberately against Kilmarnock so he wouldn’t have to miss a game against Sevco. These comments are ridiculous, but they are far less ridiculous than what his stated reason for saying so is.

When does this guy graduate from simply being a pest to being somebody the SFA has to have a word with?

Last week I wondered; is this guy trolling us, just trying to get a reaction, or is he really this stupid?

One day, and it might not take very long, Craig Levein is going to be on the end of a result that leaves the board at Hearts with no choice whatsoever but to sack him. When that day comes he will depart Tynecastle without an iota of sympathy from elsewhere.

Because he is a yahoo.

He’s also an arrogant twat.

It is going to be wonderful when the bubble bursts for this guy. A lot of people in Scottish football are looking forward to it.

He denies he’s stirring it. In fact, give him his due. He says it’s much worse than that.

He’s told the media that this is a vendetta against Celtic.

“I’m not trying to [get under people’s skin], I’m just pointing out things that are obvious, that’s all,” he said. “I’m doing what I think is the right thing for this football club, for my football club. People say things and have said things in the past that I think are having a go at the club for whatever reason and I don’t like that. I feel my position in the managerial role is to stand up for the club so I’m going to do that.”

He’s talking about Brendan.

This clown is still pissed at Brendan Rodgers for what he said in the aftermath of Ian Cathro’s sacking.

He is now going to have a dig at Brendan and Celtic every chance he gets, just because.

Because he’s piqued.

Because Brendan stood up for a fellow manager and called Levein’s decision to hire himself a farce.

And it was a farce. And it still is. Not only was Brendan simply standing up for a fellow manager he felt had been badly let down by his club – and fed into a culture of decision making at various clubs which is bad for the game as a whole; a rush to judgement culture which believes sacking people is the way to get results – but he was asked a direct question about what he thought about the situation at Hearts and he answered it.

There is not a person in Scottish football who did not think Levein hiring Levein was bat-shit crazy, and a sign of a man’s self-regard getting out of control. If Levein is still pissed off about that, and it was months ago, then Brendan is even more right about him than he knew.

And this has nothing to do with “standing up for the club”; Levein takes things personally and interpreted Brendan’s comments as a personal attack.

So he’s responding in kind.

But to still be going on about it now? This is Donald Trump style stuff; a man who’s so thin-skinned he’s still offended months after the fact, and has resorted to sniping at us. For whatever reason, he thinks he can do it having a go at Brown.

This doesn’t make Levein look tough or decisive or brave.

It makes him look small. It makes him look petty. And it makes him sound insane.

Hearts is a club I actually harbour some grudging admiration for. They dealt with their financial problems professionally, responsibly, their fans rallied round and put in enough that they didn’t go under. And instead of going right back down the same road, they consolidated. They built up slowly, gradually, sustainably.

Yeah, I have a lot of respect for that, especially when you see how things went elsewhere, where the crazy people took charge.

But I have no respect at all for their director of football cum manager, or whatever he is.

He hasn’t moved that club one inch forward, and his public utterances are becoming every bit as bizarre as those of the muppet in the White House or those who inhabit the outer reaches of sanity over in Govan.

And for the good of his own club – that which he claims to care about – someone inside its walls ought to tap him on the shoulder and tell him to leave the personal vendettas at home with his Brendan Rodgers voodoo doll and focus on doing – and thus keeping – his job.

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