Why Do We Commemorate The Broony? It Was A Game-Changer And They Hate Him For That.

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Sevco fans are up in arms today about Celtic commemorating The Broony.

It is the seventh anniversary of one of the greatest GIRFUY moments in our history.

I remember that day like it was yesterday.

I celebrated it more than I ever did a Christmas.

Because it was not just a dominant display, in a game we should have been dead in.

It was a sign that times were changing. I knew we would win the replay before a ball was even kicked.

I knew that better days were just around the corner.

Sevco fans have pointed to the fact they won the title that year; big deal. It was Rangers last, and the last many of them will ever see. Diouf, the contemptible thug at the centre of that gesture and who so many of their fans worship – you surely can tell a lot about people based on who they decide to honour, right? – was just one of a number of players who contributed little to their club but sucked the last of the marrow off their bones.

To celebrate that is to celebrate your own stupidity, your own ignorance and your own failure.

It’s no surprise that it’s how some of them chose to respond.

How pitiful they are.

They have no comprehension of their own history, the way that day symbolises the turn of the tide. They don’t understand that it was the moment everything pivoted for them; they would have one more day in the sun, followed by the sink into darkness.

Incredible that they should pick this moment to start pushing Smith as the Scotland manager; he, as much as anybody, led them to the hole in the ground in which their club was buried. His expensively assembled squad, which Brown owned that day, stands as the ultimate monument to hubris.

It’s a representation of everything that was wrong at Ibrox then and is still wrong at Ibrox today.

They haven’t moved on. They haven’t learned a thing.

That day made Scott Brown’s Celtic career. There was always going to be a day like that for him, because he was too good for there not to be, but that display at Ibrox was as impressive as I’d ever seen from him. The goal is still amongst my all-time favourites.

Seven years of total dominance have followed it, years in which Brown has been imperious as a footballer and as a leader.

No wonder they hate him so.

They recognise, as much as we do, that moment for exactly what it was; the turning point.

And not just for Brown.

He is fearless and aggressive and combative and a winner, and they want so much to have someone like him in the shirt of their NewCo.

Bitterness seeps through every tweet in response to Celtic’s and it’s easy to understand why.

Brown is an icon at our club now, a guy who has written his own page in our history and it is fitting that the Peepul who are trolling him and our club today follow one which has been in his shadow for the whole of its short life.

It is excellent that we’ve paid tribute to that moment.

It is hilarious that they’ve responded to it in the manner they have; lauding a wage thief and an era which led to their ultimate demise.

Brown’s time on the pitch will end some day and he will no longer be our talisman.

The question is which will end first; our captain’s illustrious career or the existence of their desperate, insolvent NewCo, so much like the old Rangers that it should scare their fans to death?

The odds right now are about fifty-fifty.

But if they keep on heading down the present road, one thing is absolutely certain; Brown will leave the game with more honours than Sevco eventually will.

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