Date: 14th March 2018 at 6:43pm
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According to STV Alastair Johnston’s application to be granted “fit and proper person” status by the SFA has been delayed for nine months because he was the club chairman in 2011, and submitted their application for a UEFA license despite being in clear breach of the regulations involving tax payables due. This is an interesting reveal.

Johnston, along with other members of the board, should have been banned automatically of course, for their involvement in Murray’s EBT scam and for being on the board of a club that went into liquidation, but as Paul Murray and King have already been given the nod – and King in spite of his multiple criminal convictions.

Tonight’s revelation is interesting for a number of reasons; first, it answers the question we’ve all been asking about whether or not that investigation is still ongoing, and secondly it seems to suggest that those who were on the Ibrox board at the time are suspected of concealment or something worse. That can be the only reason for the delay.

Johnson, remember, isn’t just on the Ibrox board … a Companies House document identifies him as someone with a “controlling interest” in the club.

What will it mean if he is denied a place because of this case?

This one is highly interesting.

Not enough is known about it for me to comment further, but things appear to be happening in a way we didn’t expect.

This one will run and run, I think.

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