Brendan Set To Tell McLeish “Our Stars Will Not Be Playing These Summer Friendlies.”

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According to the media, Brendan Rodgers will meet Alex McLeish later this month in a bid to “resolve” the situation with so many of our players in the running to take part in these farcical summer friendlies which the leaderless SFA is still going ahead with having sacked the guy who came up with the idea in the first place.

Desperate for cash as try to buy Hampden, there was little prospect of them simply ditching the idea … but there should be no prospect of Celtic playing ball.

And that’s exactly what Brendan is going to tell him.

As if trying to mock us, Derek McInnes couldn’t resist getting his stupidity on the record by pledging that ’s players will be ready if called upon. What, all three of them? And one of those is leaving at the end of the campaign.

So it’s a nothing pledge really, pure PR and designed to put us under the spotlight.

It’s a joke, frankly.

It’s also telling that he appears not to have sought the opinions of the Scottish players in his squad. He just assumes ’ll be alright with it. Maybe they will be; like were in and out of Europe faster than an EasyJet last season.

Brendan and the Celtic players are pissed off by these friendlies.

It’s not enough that half of the came from our ranks, and we got absolutely zero gratitude for it, but the new manager is already promoting the causes of players yet, apparently, still wants us to go ahead and sacrifice a chunk of our summer on these meaningless games.

You’ll have noticed how we got no help whatsoever prior to or after our tie with Zenit. We were never going to. feels no loyalty towards us, which is why Brendan is set to tell the SFA and McLeish that our players will be going on holiday as per the plans.

It is ridiculous, with four Champions League qualifying ties in front of us, to expect a single one of our players to take part in those games. The SFA knows this, but have not offered us an exemption. They want to see if we’ll pull out.

And later on this month, in talks between the manager of Celtic and the stand-in boss brought in to appease Sevconia, that’s exactly what we will do.

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