Defenders Of The Survival Lie Can Keep Up Their Chatter And Call Us What They Like. Rangers Died In 2012.

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Today I got a lengthy email which was, once again, pushing The Survival Lie. It contained a litany of “statements” from people which, so the writer claimed, utterly demolished the assertion that the football club called Rangers died in 2012.

You’ve seen this kind of stuff before, I bet. And you know what? Not one bit of it matters at all. We all know what happened; we were here, in close proximity. We know that every newspaper in the land proclaimed a failure to get a CVA as a death sentence. We know they all published notices to that effect after it was refused. We know football regulations. We know the law of the land. And we possess the common sense to recognise this for what it was.

We have no vested interest. Sevco fans and others can scoff at that all they want, but it’s true. We have no stake in this, except in one sense and it’s the reason I will never – no matter who crawls out of the woodwork offering an excuse for them – call Sevco anything but that. From now until the day I am nailed into my own box I am going to say this … Rangers died in 2012 and the club which plays out of Ibrox is most properly called Sevco.

I read through that list today and wondered, “Who are these people trying to convince? Us or themselves?” Have you ever had someone spread a lie about you? As long as those you care about and those you respect don’t believe it, why would you bother beyond that point? The way they constantly argue this is barmy … if it’s then leave those talking it to their bizarre beliefs. Their continuing to do it comes from the profound insecurity that goes with knowing, in fact, that we’ve got it right on.

Everything on that list can be refuted. Most of the organisations on it took their cue on this matter from the SFA, and like a piece of evidence obtained in an illegal search that is called Fruit of the Poisoned Tree as far as I’m concerned.

Every organisation which uses SFA logic as their basis for saying the clubs are one in the same can be safely ignored.

UEFA is a different matter, and their position on it is so contradictory and self-defeating that I don’t wonder that a lot of people are confused.

Sevco appears to have Rangers co-efficient points, or so I’m told, but there’s a letter from the organisation which clearly states, in simply language, that they are separate clubs.

Their rulebook makes it clear that they do not differentiate in any way between the so-called “club” and “the company” and the need for one to produce three years audited accounts is clearly designed with that in mind.

The SFA itself is a gutless shambles on this matter. They are the co-creators of the Survival Lie and all its toxic elements. They pushed it and continue to, although the contradictions are piled up all around on the issue. In passing on the same-club they opened themselves up wide to the most severe as there is literally nothing in their constitution that would have allowed them to “demote” a club for debts, far less force them to the bottom tier and require them to apply for a new license just to play games. There is no regulation which allowed for their being banned from the Scottish Cup round to which they were entitled to enter.

And yet we are asked to accept the lie.

You know, I don’t normally accept complete bullshit when someone’s trying to ram it down my throat but I’m even less inclined to do it in this case, where there’s a clear-cut public interest in calling it out for what it is.

The people who were running that club ran it into the ground, and they did it even though they had been spending that wasn’t even their own … it was yours and it was mine and it belonged to our parents and brothers and sisters and worse, it belonged to our kids.

They stole it from the tax man which means they stole it from the taxpayer, and far from paying just for the EBT years and what followed, which would have been bad enough, we had to pay for it all … their nine in a row, the years of Gascoigne and Laudrup, all on the taxpayers tab.

It was the biggest scandal in the history of British sport, and it touched every part of this island. Even those in England who don’t have the full details can still recoil at the idea that the debts of the club died with them and thus shafted us out of millions. If they only knew.

I will never, ever, accept the Survival Lie no matter how many ridiculous pieces of “evidence” they throw out there.

An entire generation of us knows what happened and the generations who come after us will all know and when we call them Sevco the world will know exactly why we do it, and that’s their future ad infinitum. And as an ancillary to that, we’re going to keep on talking about those tainted titles, where they cheated the whole of Scottish football but somehow still made every fan in the country pay on top of that.

Now and forever.

now, are you?

Keep on digging. Keep on “proving” your case, but you haven’t got a case. Instead you have a bunch of “facts” which are flatly contradicted by another bunch of facts, in a farce kept going only because of those who have a vested interest in propping up the lie.

Convince yourselves. We already know what happened here.

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