Date: 14th March 2018 at 1:01pm
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Sky Sports have suspended Jamie Carragher for the rest of the season over the disgusting spitting incident in which he was involved this weekend, and they say they will sit down with him and discuss whether or not he is “ready” to come back in the summer.

He has apologised for spitting at a fan and his teenage daughter like some yob on a street corner.

Apparently he is the victim here.

According to Sky, he will get the “help” he requires if he wants it.

Absolute bollocks, the lot of it.

Jamie Carragher is an arrogant clown like so many others associated with Sky and the EPL. That league and the coverage of it has encouraged this kind of stuff, and if he gets away with it – as looks highly likely at the moment – it will send the worst possible message.

Since when does somebody need “help” to get it into their head that that kind of behaviour is disgusting?

Hey, you either know that already or you don’t.

It’s either something you’ve internalised or something you never will.

Think he’d have been doing any self-reflection had he not been caught on camera?

He wouldn’t have given it a second thought.

The media has no sense of responsibility it seems to me.

Jeff Stelling, the anchor of Sky Sports News results special on a Saturday was fulsome in his condemnation of the neddish behaviour of West Ham fans this weekend. Just hours later one of his colleagues did this. It’s easy to slam fans. It makes you look socially responsible.

But if Sky doesn’t hold its staff to the same standard, then what?

I still believe if Keys and Gray had stuck to making their smutty remarks about supporters and not people within the bubble they’d have got away with it. Hell, they did. No sooner did Sky dispense with their services but TalkSport offered them a gig.

Supporters are treated like dirt. Our views don’t count. Our feelings are unimportant. We are just the guys who supply the meal-tickets for all of it.

But we don’t get the protection of being “in the club.”

The family in question has asked Sky not to sack him, but that’s as much to do with facing off with a scabby internet hate-mob than it is about believing he deserves another chance. He doesn’t. If this isn’t a sacking offence what the Hell is?

Hey, that’s Sky’s business. I hope it costs them in advertising and endorsements.

His behaviour was deplorable. If they want to stick with him then they should pay the consequences of that along with him. That, as I said, is their affair … but really, they and he should spare us all the faux apologies and dispense with this rabid nonsense about us having understanding for him.

He needs help, apparently.

To learn how to be a human being.

Good luck to Sky Sports if they’re offering courses in that. I know a few people who would benefit from them, but you know what? They don’t work. Because some people are so far up their own backside that you just can’t reach them. A brief suspension followed by resumption of a £1 million a year deal – for a guy who’s already a multi-millionaire – is a reminder of how far down the pecking order ordinary fans are.

I have never been so glad to be a Scottish football fan.

At least when scum wearing black shirts and giving Nazi salutes walk through our streets to promote their own twisted view of what their club stands for our media just ignores it. They don’t pretend the fascists are actually the real victims. They don’t ask for understanding and compassion for them.

Yeah, I am pissed off.

Yes, this decision, and Sky’s official statement, is that bad.

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