Fear And Loathing At Fir Park: Another Manager Is Set To Lose His Job At Ibrox.

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Oh it was always going to end like this, in bitterness, recrimination, anger … all the negative emotions.

On the Sevco side anyway.

And laughter. Let’s not forget laughter.

Especially amongst Celtic fans. Graeme Murty, so long.

Another one fitted for the superhero cape by a desperate media. Another one willing to believe that “the gap is closing” only to fall into the chasm. Another lunatic managerial appointment in La La Land, which comes to the conclusion we always thought it might.

Sevco snatched a draw today, but nobody over there is kidding on that it was a good result; it was a shocker. A real shocker. Had they not had a very fortuitous start to the second half and a ridiculous penalty decision the game would have been beyond them.

The damage was done in a first 45 minutes in which Sevco were quite simply dismantled. That team, that expensive farce, did not one positive thing from the minute the game started to the minute the ref blew his whistle to bring that half to a close.

Murty’s tactical decisions need to be seriously questioned. The decision to put Dorrans right into the team reeked of desperation and cluelessness. The two-man central defensive partnership of Russell Martin (no laughing please, let’s be serious for a moment) and Bruno Alves (alright, yes, I know, I am laughing too, it’s pointless resisting) were all over the place. When they got back to 2-2 he refused to make the positive change that might have swung it.

Radio Scotland gave Murty credit for that decision making. The Sevco fans were not congratulating him for it; they made their feelings quite plain at the ground and online. They want this guy gone, and they want him gone now. His limitations are now obvious to even the most blinkered of them, and there will be a major season-ticket fall if he’s kept on.

But the trouble continues to mount over there. The problem is, if they pay off Murty then the manager hunt has to start anew. Who would take that job under the circumstances the new manager would have to work with? Forget any of the January signings staying, no new boss would want them. The whole club would be in turmoil.

But they are in turmoil anyway. They are a shambles, the worst kind. As hilarious as it is watching this continuing disintegration, I am actually disappointed that they didn’t lose that today because they could have, very easily.

Crisis continues to swirl around them.

The media never calls it that, but you have to be blind not to see that’s exactly what it is.

Fear and loathing continues to waft through their corridors. Radio Scotland today told of a growing bad feeling between Morelos and Cummings … if the dressing room is ready to erupt the detonation might be more spectacular than even our best fantasies can conjure up.

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