There Are Reasons Other Than Being A Celtic Man Why Steve Clark Wouldn’t Go To Sevco.

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I understand that Steven Thompson was talking about us on radio recently.

Not in any detail, but in passing. We got dragged into the discussion apparently. He pointed out that Clarke is Celtic minded, and said that he would be more likely to wind up at our club than at theirs … I think we should be left well out of discussion.

Celtic is not pursuing Steve Clarke. Sevco may or may not be, that’s their decision, but this has sod all to do with us.

And as for Clarke’s alleged Celtic sympathies … I’ve heard this story before, and from better sources than Steven Thompson. Frankly, it’s kind of thing only someone hailing from Ibrox would say. The rest of the world wouldn’t care.

We’ve had minded men at almost every level of our club.

Almost every level, get it?

Up to and including boardroom.

It hasn’t stopped us going forward.

Some of our greatest ever players started out supporting other side … they still became legends.

There are compelling reasons why would not go to Ibrox if asked, and they have sum total of nothing to do with his alleged leanings. First up, he’s not an idiot. If he was offered the job there and Ibrox really could offer him a better platform for his career he would be mad to turn it down.

But truth is, it wouldn’t offer him anything except trouble.

The Ibrox job is toxic. Even Derek McInnes knew it, which is why he stayed well away from it. Everyone knows it, which is why the best they could do after a hunt lasting nearly two months was to appoint their youth coach as interim boss. After Warburton “resigned” and then claimed that the first he heard about was on Sky Sports News the word went out.

Watching Caixinha last less than 9 months amplified the problems over there in the eyes of the world. They are a basket case club, and when they sack Murty before this campaign ends that will simply confirm it. People all over football can talk all they like about them being a “massive club” but nobody is stupid enough to actually want to work there, because they know what overblown expectation looks and sounds like.

They know what madness looks and sounds like too.

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