This Week, Dodgy Dave King’s Doomsday Clock Starts Counting Down. Here’s Why.

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Dave King is in the final lap of his tenure as Sevco chairman.

I wrote yesterday about how he might hang on in there a while longer, but this week is the beginning of the end. King is done for. The slide into the abyss might be fast or slow but it’s begun and there is nothing he can do to pull himself back from it. He’s too late for that by a long way.

The longer he goes on, the worse this gets for the club. After a certain point – and it won’t be far away – the dirt on him gets on them too. The other directors must be petrified of being tainted, but so far they’ve failed to take the action that will save them from it.

It’s almost as if the whole club has entered into a suicide pact with this guy; it’s like they’ve decided they’ll all go down together. I cannot imagine how they think this will end; it won’t be well. It won’t be in any way that benefits the club, or them.

These people should never have thrown in their lot with this guy in the first place. I’m going to take a look here at some of the things King has done since taking over that should have raised eyebrows. Not all of them are related to his lying either … this guy has so many of the hallmarks of a sociopathic personality that they should be scared to death.

He is willing to drag them all down with him, and the club too. King is a go-for-broke kind of guy, and that’s all well and good if he knows what he’s doing and has a track record for winning these things but if this guy was a poker player his shabby bluffing would have had him blown out after less than a dozen hands.

He is bad at this stuff.

This week, he goes all-in and that means Sevco does too.

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